Poll – American Atheists know religion the best

The PEW Research Center issued the results of its US Religious Survey on September 28, 2010. The survey shows that the Atheists within the US know the Judeo-Christian religion better than Jews and Christians. However, all three groups could be pardoned for their ignorance of Islam – thanks to the Israeli anti-Islam propaganda. For example, only 54% of the 3,400 participant knew that Koran (Qur’an) is Islamic holy book or 52% knew that Ramadan is Islamic month of fasting – but more of them knew about the Danish Cartoons.

On average, Americans correctly answer 16 of the 32 religious knowledge questions on the survey by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life. Atheists and agnostics average 20.9 correct answers. Jews and Mormons do about as well, averaging 20.5 and 20.3 correct answers, respectively. Protestants as a whole average 16 correct answers; Catholics as a whole, 14.7. Atheists and agnostics, Jews and Mormons perform better than other groups on the survey even after controlling for differing levels of education.

Interestingly, the Jew participants who came second after the Atheists – only 8% of them knew that Maimonides was Jewish. Rabbi Moshe Maimonides (also known as the 2nd Moses) was born in Cardoba in Al-Andalus and is universally considered the greatest Jewish thinker in the last 2,000 years. Rabbi Moshe Maimonides was the royal physian to the famous Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi. Jacob Bender, a US Jewish film-maker has produced a documentary on Rabbi Moshe Maimonides’ life and work under the title “Reason and Revelation: Averroes, Maimonides, Aquinas in Their Time and Ours” after 9/11 to show how Jews and Christians prospered under Muslim rule.

The other interesting figures on Americans’ general knowledge are:

1. Majority of Indonesians are Muslims – 27%
2. Majority of Pakistani people are Muslims – 68%
3. Jesus was born in Bethlehem – 71%
4. Dalai Lama is Buddhist – 47%
5. Martin Luther inspired Protestant religion – 46%
6. Moses led the exodus from Egypt – 72%
7. Only Protestants (not Catholics) traditionally teaches Salvation comes through faith alone – 16%
8. Mother Theresa was Catholic – 82%
9. Four Gospels are Matthew, John, Mark, Luke – 45%
10. Joseph Smith was Mormon – 51%.


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