Abbas – ‘The double agent’

Mahmoud Abbas is arguably the most extraordinary the double agent in the Middle East…. Most of what he does for Israeli and the US masters he does in plain sight,” Jefrey Blankfort, an American Jewish writer and peace activist.

When Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) called Israeli President Shimon Peres to wish him ‘Happy Rosh Hashana’ – Peres pleaded with Abbas to trust Benji Netanyahu, calling him the best ‘negotiating partner’ the Palestinians living under Jewish boots ever had. ” Don’t abandon the talks before peace is achieved. There is no one more suited than you to achieve peace for your people, and for the entire region,” Peres told Abbas on the phone.

During his recent meeting with Benji Netanyhau at the White House, Ben Obama had asked Benji to extend the 10-month moratorium on building new Jewish settlements on the stolen Arab land – which expires on September 26, 2010. However, Benji told the Quartet envoy, ‘Islamophobe’ Tony Blair: “The Palestinians want that after the 26th of September there will be no building in Judea and Samara (the West Bank), and that will not happen”.

So, why the US, EU and even some Israeli leaders want the ‘two state” dead horse keep breathing? Well, the answer came from no other than prime minister of the Zionist entity, Ehud Olmert, who in an interview, published by Israel daily Ha’aretz on November 29, 2007, he said: “If the day comes when the two-state solution collapse, and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights (both foreign Jew settlers and the Native Palestinian Muslims and Christians), then, as soon as that happens, the State of Israel is finished”.

The US-Israel-EU sham Middle East Peace Process has been going for more than two decades now. In the meantime, the Zionist entity has been building more and more new illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem on the Natives’ land in order to change the Arab-majority areas into demographically Jewish areas for merging it with the Zionist state of Israel.

The US and Canadian Jewish-owned mainstream media is in the habit of blaming the Palestinian and the Arab leaders for not showing the courage to recognize the Jewish occupation as a “reality” which they have no other choice but to live with – so why not recognize it, sooner the better. Recently, Washignton has warned the Arab governments that if they joined with Islamic Iran and the NAM countries to call for the inspection of Israel’s nuclear facilities by the international nuclear watchdog IAEA – Israel may change its willingness to carry-on its negotiation with the unelected Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.

The Zionist entity and its poodle rulers in the western countries refuse to talk to Palestinians’ elected government of Hamas, because they know that Hamas leadership, like the Hizbullah and the Islamic Republic is not for sale. Therefore, they prefer to project a sell-out leader like Mahmoud Abbas, whose term of office expired in January 2009 – as the “negotiating partner”. They’re hoping that since Abbas’ submission to Israeli terms would not be acceptable to the great majority of the Palestinians and Hamas – it could generate a civil war and thus will give the Zionazi thugs an excuse to re-occupy both Gaza and the West Bank.

A nation-state needs people, land, military and internationally guaranteed sovereignity and borders. Israel and its ‘helpers’ don’t want none of those four ingredients for the proposed new ‘state of Palestine’. What they wants is that Palestinian must elect a government acceptable to Israel; a country without even a conventional Armed Force (land, airforce and navy); its borders and airspace be controlled by Israel and US-puppet rulers of Egypt and Jordan; the Natives to share the land with the illegal Jew settlers who will be protected by Israeli army – and the five million Palestinians currently living in foreign lands would forfeit their rights to return to their ancestral homes under Zionist-rule from where they and their ancestors have been rooted out by the Zionist terrorists since 1948.

And please, save me from the Israel Hasbara crap such as Hamas fires rockets at Israeli civilians or Arabs want to drive Jews to the Sea or Hamas wants to ‘wipe Israel of the map’, etc. Let Hamas receive tanks and jet-fighters from Iran as Israel receives those and more from United State – so that Hamas doesn’t have to fire non-guided rockets on the ‘combatant Jewish civilians’ (every Israeli Jew over the age of 16 is a military-trained killer). It’s the Native Muslims and Christians who have been thrown out of their land to make space for the foreign Jews. The only country which has been ‘wipe of the map’ in the modern times – is over 5,000-year-old Palestine.


One response to “Abbas – ‘The double agent’

  1. In modern times from the mid 1800’s on, it is by European centered conspiracy that the Zionists invaded and pillaged and committed genocide against Palestine. Throughout, some Iraqis and a larger number of Saudis and some Palestinians have been complicit. But this was with the attack on the Holy Land by the European Jews and their European and Russian and American sponsors. In no way does any of that allow the Jews to claim any valid reason to be there. It ALL happened because of their instigation and subversions and crimes. All those complicit with that, whether they are from Eurasia or the Americas or the Middle East are simply just as guilty as the Jews. It is the Palestinians ALONE, who have the right to live in Palestine. The Palestinians have every right to defend themselves. As guilty as Washington D.C. is, I still blame the Arab nations for not forcing the right of full return and right to complete movement for the Palestinians. If the Arabs would, EN MASSE, stand up for themselves, they could end this. In the mean time, those firecracker rockets that Hamas obliges Israel by firing into unpopulated areas, are quite frankly a Sayan bad joke.

    Palestine is Palestinian and the Jews are foreign invaders.

    Free Palestine – one state – a Palestinian state.

    Jazak’Allahu khairan Rehmat

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