Espionage – the ‘innocent agents’

On July 30, 2010 – The Amnesty Intrnational had demanded that Iranian authorities must release the three American Jew hikers, detained over a year ago on allegation of spying for CIA/Mossad.

On July 31, 2009 – three American Jews were arrested for entering illegically into Iran from the US-Israel protected Iraq’s northern Kurdish region. The three arrested were identified as Shane Bauer 28 (Sarah’s boyfriend), Josh Fattal 28 and Sarah Shourd 31. According to the King 5 News (Seattle), the fourth member of the group, University of Washington PhD student Shon Meckfessel escaped arrest because he did not go for ‘hiking’ and stayed at the hotel. All four are Jewish and US citizen. All four are writers and their articles have appeared in ‘The Jewish Week’ and the ‘New America Media’.

Danna Harman writing in Israeli daily Ha’aretz (July 30, 2010) even compared the three captured Jews as the ‘three Rachel Corries’. However, we all know Iranian have not crushed these three Jews under a bulldozer as the Israeli Jew did to American-Christian Rachel Alien Corrie 23.

Some of the known innocent agents in the past include ‘Muslim preachers’ with Israeli passports who boarded a flight to Dhaka (Bangladesh) at New Delhi airport in January 2001, the five dancing Israeli Jews in front of the falling WTC, the Israeli art students and many more – to demonstrate how CIA/Mossad cooperate with each other to execute false-flag operations and then with the help of the Jewish-controlled mass-media blame Muslims for the Zionist terrorism.

According to the Wayne Madsen Reoprt, those Israeli ‘art students’ are back knocking on the doors of the offices and homes of the officials of federal government, military, justice department and the transport security administration.

On September 14, 2010 – Peter Eyre, a Middle East Consultant, wrote under the title Were the three Jewish US citizen spying?:

This type of activity is normal for international students, especially those of Jewish faith. I have found myself amongst them many times in the Mediterranean region and throughout the Middle East.

Let’s just look as to how this system works for the CIA and Mossad. Imagine training a recruit who is an American Jew. They have to be prepared to denounce (not truly) their faith and their allegiance to the US. They must be prepared to publically denounce the US Governments policy towards the Middle East, be extremely critical of Israel’s policy and actions, especially towards such people as the Palestinians etc.

They are put on a rigorous course to learn the language and cultures of the Middle East, with an introduction into Islam etc. Many are given false documents and in some case the name they reveal publically is not the same name as shown in their passports. They then eventually form or infiltrate into Non Government Organisations or Charities and start on their journey to pretend to support some worthy cause or to support a people i.e. Palestinians.

The next stage is to launch some massive media campaign all over the world by means of their own Web, TV and Radio broadcast along with regular hard hitting newspaper articles. They then form regional support groups in many locations around the world and thus portray their undivided support for the cause.

Sometimes they form protest groups, marches and carefully orchestrate acts of disobedience towards the authority in order to get arrested (there not actually charged) or arrange for someone to get injured or in some cases arrange for one international student to get killed (the sacrificial lamb) which is so good for their cause and makes excellent reporting. The latter tends to fire up support around the world and in some cases for people to take to the street.

What is so strange about these operatives is the fact that one would consider them to be an enemy to the state (US) and most certainly and enemy to the State of Israel and their Jewish faith. They can do almost anything to anyone at any given time, insight action against the authorities or force an issue that can and does endanger all those around them.

Before ending this article one has to understand that in every country these operatives transit borders to either spy or to establish a group of anti government supporters. They are paid to create unrest and in some cases other militia are hired, paid and armed by either the US or Israeli. One very good example is that of the PJAK who are funded and armed by the US to carry out cross border attacks or unrest in Iran. They cross the border from Kurdistan into Iran and are basically freedom fighter supporting their own Kurdish agenda……however, the US take advantage of such groups as their cause works in well with US policy and their stance against Iran. In this particular case the militia are not classified as terrorist by the US. One also has to understand that US Special Forces are also operating within Iran as well as CIA and Mossad operatives.

On the other hand by comparison to the PJAK we have the other Kurdish group called the PKK who carry out such attacks over the border into Turkey……this group however are labelled by the Iraq, US, Israel, UK and NATO as a terrorist organisation. It is amazing that in the European Court this group were taken off the terrorist list and referred too as being freedom fighters for the Kurdish cause. The reason why this group is not favoured is because they are attacking another NATO member and based on their philosophy “an attack on one is an attack on all.” Maybe now you can see just how two faced governments can become.

What does all this amount too you may ask……the questions and answers relating to these three US Jews, currently being held in Iran will remain a mystery, but from my perspective it would certainly indicate that they are connected to a CIA or Mossad cell and have probably got caught red handed. We also have to remember that the new breed of operatives coming out of the Intel Academy are very young with little or no experience……as they say you pay for what you get…… be the judge.

Don’t you find it so strange, on the anniversary of 9/11, that these same organisations (CIA/Mossad) were responsible for that attack and not those that were so quickly condemned? We will continue to see hundreds of “False Flag” incidents around the world, which in the short term allows the US to take action against this so called “Axis of Evil”…..we have to fully understand that the problem is not in some far away Arabic or Islam country but right here in the corridors of Wall Street and the City of London.

It is the west’s greed for drugs and natural resources around the world that induces terrorism and both together create untold poverty. It is time we pulled out of all Islamic countries, stopped these wars, close down our bases and started peacefully trading with these countries that we continue to fight.


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