OECD report: Israel a poor, divided country

Another case of how the western governments act like Israeli poodles. In January 2010, a report presented by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) secretary-general to Israel’s socio-economic cabinet said that the Zionist entity is poor with great economic gap between the Jew settlers majority and the 20% of its Native Arab population.

The report calculated that if the Zionist entity is admitted in the OECD, it would be the most poor country among the members – a sort of parasite even after receiving over US$3000 billion in aid from Washington since 1970s.

However, the miracles do happens when it comes to the Zionist entity. In May 2010 – the 32-member unanimously voted in favor of accepting Israel as new member of the ‘ZOG Ummah’. Benjamin Netanyahu was so excited that he called it a “seal of approval” of Zionazi policies against its neighbors: “Joining the OECD is like receiving a university degree. Just as it is significant to have a degree from the Technion, for example, when entering the job market, entering the OECD will open doors and provide access to many fields. It’s a seal of approval”.

According to OECD report, 1.5 million Natives Muslim and Christian minorities in Israel (20% of total population) contribute only 8% to the GDP. Even when Arabs do take part, they’re employed only in menial occupations (construction, hotel services and agriculture). As for Arab women, only 18.6 % are in the labor force (compared to 55% of Jewish women).

The Roadmap for the Accession of Israel to the OECD Convention, adopted by the OECD Council in November 2007 stated that Israel has to demonstrate a commitment to pluralist democracy based on the rule of law and the respect of human rights. Israel has proven repeatedly that it simply does not meet this requirement, with laws in place that grant privileges for Jews over non-Jews, who make up 20 per cent of its citizens. Furthermore, according to a leaked OECD report, Israel breached a key requirement of membership by including its colonies in the occupied West Bank in its economic report.

Turkey is the only Muslim country among the OECD members.


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