Amnesty Int’l Finland: ‘Israel scum state’

As everyone knows that Israel and its hired poodles have this nasty habit of calling everyone – both allies and critics – anti-Semite, holocaust denier or Jew-hater – whosoever criticizes the zionist entity or Zionism. However, once a while, some people do pick up the courage to return the favor. For example, in December 2001, the French Ambassador to Britain, Daniel Bernard (a Jew I presume), called the zionist entity “That shitty little country, Israel”. John Kaminisky called Israel “an outlaw state”. Some Iranian leaders called it “the little Shyatan (Devil)”. Bishop Tutu and former US President Jimmy Carter called it “an apartheid state”. However, no one has called the Zionist entity “a scum state” before – and the credit for that goes to Frank Johanssan, the director of Amnesty International branch in Finland.

The best part of Frank’s ‘anti-Semitism’ is that unlike Jimmy Carter or Helen Thomas or former Australian MP Julia Irwin – he refuses to apologize for his remarks under Jewish lobby pressure. In an interview via telephone with Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, he said that he stands by his statement that Israel is a “scum state”.

When asked why he termed Israel a “scum state”, Johansson said because Israel has repeatedly “flouted international law” and due to his “personal experience inside and outside of Israel meeting Israelis”.

Johansson said that his remarks were not anti-Semitic. “I actually praise Breaking the Silence,” he said, referring to an Israeli organization claiming to collect and share testimonies of former IDF soldiers over human rights violations they allegedly witnessed, while rarely providing names of troops, dates and locations of these incidents.

Asked whether there are other countries aside from Israel that, according to him, meet the definition of a “scum state,” Johansson did not specify any, but noted that there are “Russian officials” who meet the criteria.

Finland was part of Sweden till 1917 when it declared itself a Republic. There is a small Muslim community of 20,000 (mostly foreign workers) within country’s population of 5.3 million. Jewish population is estimated to be less than 3,000, Finland recognized Zionist entity in 1948. David Ben Gurion visited Finland in 1962. In May 1967, the prime minister of Finland, Raphael Paasio, visited Tel Aviv.


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