Israel is a land built on myths

Israel is a land built on myths. It is, of course, not unique in this. Indeed, in this way Israel is very much like its patron, the United States. In order to build and maintain a mythical status a nation must create a picture of itself from its very inception and pass that picture down generation upon generation. For the US it is the idea that the nation is a beacon of both democracy and capitalism unto the world and what it does in terms of foreign policy, and even when at war, is always done altruistically. For Israel, the myth is that the nation is democratic and the last bastion of safety for the world’s Jews. Everything it does, even when that amounts to imperial expansion, is done defensively,” Professor Lawrence Davidson (West Chester University), August, 1, 2010.

In order to counter the delegitimization of the Zionist entity, PM Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) has extended the secrecy period from 50 year to 70 year – during which the world would not be allowed to know the ugly truth behind its existence. The law passed last month will keep the ‘state secrets’ in the archive vaults for another 20 years. Some of the secrets include the Holocaust of 100,000 Sephardic Jewish children, Lavlan affair, 1956 Sinai Campaign,Tantura massacre,1967 Occupation of Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem, Deir Yasin massacre, 1983 bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut, 2000 withdrawal from South Lebanon and 2006 Lebanon War.

Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon in his speech at London Forum on War on Terrorism said that history is foreign to the Jews. Facts and historical documents are either pushed aside, shoved under the carpet, eliminated or simply destroyed.

The truth if revealed would show that Israel is an oulaw entity, created by Jew-hating Western Christian powers by stealing the land from its Arab inhabitants to solve their centuries old ‘Jewish Problem’. Interestingly, Israel’s famous propagandist and ‘Islamophobe’, Daniel Pipes, posted on his blog on July 20, 2009: “Pakistan’s Jewish Problem”. One of his bone of contention was Majeed Nizami’s assertion that Pakistan has three enemies: “India, the US and Israel”.


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