West’s fear of Iran’s nuclear program

Remember the Zionist goons who tried to disrupt Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s speech at Durban II. Well, according to French political analyst and author Thierry Meyssan – these Zionist goons were given diplomatic badges by French State Secretay Rama Yade. Before the conference, former Mossad agent and the current French president Sarkozy created a human Rights State Secretariat for the main purpose of sabotaging Iran’s participation in the Geneva UN Conference against Racism (Durban II).

Thierry Meyssan in his latest article, titled “Who’s afraid of Iran’s civilian nuclear program?” has raised some valid points other than Jewish Lobby’s cry of “Ahmadinejad calls for a new Holocaust of the Jews”. He believes that Ahmadinejad, in the footsteps of Brazilian President Lula, wants to create a ‘nuclear free zone’ in the Middle East which if pursued by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, which are also nuclear powers – would take the bite of the Zionist entity and its day of bulling its neighbors would be gone. That would also make the Jewish army an easy target for the Hizbullah fighters to play around, as they did in the Summer 2006 war.

The myth of an Iranian military nuclear program was concocted by the Anglo-Americans after their invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Their ultimate strategy was to corner Iran in a pincer operation launched from the two neighbouring countries. During that period, U.S. and British intelligence services propagated misleading information regarding Iran, as they had done in the case of Saddam Hussein’s purported weapons of mass destruction,” he wrote.

The truth of the matter is the US and Britain along with the Zionist entity had been running an open and covert campaign against Tehran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. All three countries had very cozy relations with the Shah’s regime. In fact the CIA and Mossad trained Shah’s secret service SAVAK and its last chief was an Israel military officer. Victor Tchenguiz (owner of Iceland’s bankrupted Kaupthing bank), a Jew was Shah of Iran’s confident and head of country’s mint. The existing 5 MWe Iranian nuclear research reactor (TNRC) was sold to Tehran by the US in 1965.

The Ayatollah Khomeini and his successors condemned the manufacturing, stockpiling, utilization, and threat of utilization of nuclear weapons for being contrary to their religious values. It their view, it is morally unacceptable to deploy weapons of mass destruction which kill indiscriminately both civilians and military forces, government supporters and opponents alike. This prohibition became legally binding through a decree issued by the Supreme Guide of the Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, on 9 August 2005,” wrote Meyssan.

Unfortunately the US, EU and Israel, being colonial powers, have no moral guidelines to follow. They already have over 13,000 nuclear bombs and one of them (USA) has the honor to use them against civilian population in Japan, killing around 200,000 men, women and children within less than two hours. Israel’s entire 62-year existence is based on state terrorism. Here I tends to agree with Israel-born Jew writer and the reputed musician, Gilad Atzmon, that Islamic Iran must produce a nuclear bomb to make these Zionist bully ‘shut-up’.

The issue at stake does not concern Iran, but the refusal of the great Powers to comply with their obligation as parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: that is, to destroy forthwith their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. However, far from being oriented in this direction, the Obama administration has published its new nuclear doctrine contemplating the use of nuclear weapons not only as a retaliatory measure but for a first strike against recalcitrant non-nuclear states,” he wrote.

The USrael past record show that even if the Islamic regime accept their demands to stop its support for Hamas, Hizbullah and even recognize Zionist regime to exist on Arab land – the western ZOGs will never allow Islamic Republic to gain nuclear technology as they have done to their closet Muslim ally Turkey. Turkey has been trying to build a nuclear power-generating plant since 1965 but all its deals with the US, Canada and some European countries were cancel under the Jewish lobby pressure. For example, in 1980 Turkey signed a deal to buy one CANDU unit from AECL (Canada), which arose such a fuss by the pro-Israel lobby groups that Ottawa had to step-in to cancel the deal. Tehran has no other alternative but to follow the foot-step of Israel-India-Pakistan-N. Korea and aquire a nuclear bomb via a secret nuclear program.


3 responses to “West’s fear of Iran’s nuclear program

  1. stmichaeltraveler

    …threatened by a nuclear Iran…?
    What are you talking about? Get a cup of coffee and join me in the Logic Room.

    Fact 1: Iran is a nuclear state, but not a nuclear bomb state like the State of Israel, then Iran is a threat to Israel. Israel has 200 nuclear bombs. Iran has zero.
    However, many nations including Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Iran are among the many nuclear states…NOT a Nuclear Bomb State. All these nuclear states have active nuclear fuel cycle, i.e. they are able to produce fuel for nuclear power reactor for generation of electricity.
    Fact 2: The following states are nuclear bomb states: USA, Russia, England, France, China, Pakistan and India and Israel. The North Korea tested a very crude bomb a year ago, but she is incapable to deliver it as nuclear bomb either by plane or rocket.
    Fact 3: Israel has 3 nuclear submarines, donated by Germany, capable to carry nuclear bombs. USA has provided Israel planes which are capable to carry nuclear bombs. Israel has nuclear bombs.

    What is wrong with us? Black is white & good is bad: Israel an aggressive state who has attacked her neighbors and occupied their territories is good! Why does Israel feel threatened by Iran? US Secretary of State Clinton boldly announced, to appease the AIPAC crowd, that USA will nuclear bomb Iran into oblivion if she attacks Israel? USA already has been treating Israel as an honorary member of the Common Wealth of the United States.
    A common explanation often offered has been psychological syndrome. A cure for this behavior cannot be another war instigated on behalf of Israel. Israel had attacked Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. We have sacrificed the blood of our young people on behest of Israel in Iraq; now Israel is instigating once more, sacrifice more and attack Iran. Where is the sanity in the political world? We had to borrow money from China and many other nations to cover the cost of our war in Iraq. Who is going to pay for another war lasting for many years and sacrificing millions of innocent young and old people both in Iran, USA and the region? Are we crazy?
    I am sorry, after a cup of coffee, the black is black, God is god, and Iran is not a villain.

  2. As a former nuclear power-generating engineer myself – I can assure you that just having nuclear bombs doesn’t make a country nuclear power. It must test its nuclear device to make sure that it got a nuclear device and not a toy to scare its enemies, which could backfire in case of a nuclear war. The nine countries which have tested their nuclear arsenals, to the best of my knowledge, include the US, UK, France, China, Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan and N. Korea.

    However, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Argentina and Japan all have the capability to produce nuclear bomb in less than 12 months.

    The Islamic Republic doesn’t fall in any of the above two categories.

  3. stmichaeltraveler

    Iran would like to emulate Japan in her pursuit of developing her nuclear fuel cycle. Correctly as you had stated, Iran is not capable, or not pursuing, ability to produce any nuclear test detonation. She is trying to produce nuclear fuel (less than 5% U-235 enrichment) for production of electrical energy. She had requested assistance from IAEA to purchase fuel for her medical reactor; this reactor produces isotopes for medical applications and cancer treatment. It is the duty of IAEA to assist the member states. But, IAEA has been forced into paralysis.
    I had distinctly identified two classes: “nuclear states” and “nuclear bomb states”. As you had identified, the nuclear bomb states are: US, UK, France, China, Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan and N. Korea. Whereas; Brazil, Canada, Germany, Argentina and Japan are members of the nuclear states, i.e. they have the ability to produce nuclear fuel for production of electrical energy.
    In my comment above, I had inadvertently deleted a critical word “NOT”. Let me correct myself:
    Fact 1: Iran is a nuclear state, but not a nuclear bomb state like the State of Israel; then Iran is NOT a threat to Israel. Israel has 200 nuclear bombs. Iran has zero.

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