Khomeini: ‘Imam of Sun’

“Zionism has a much uglier face than fascism and its biggest supporters and abettors are America, Britain, France and other European countries. All of them would one day have to be answerable for their deeds,” Imam Khomeini quoted by Iranian Consul General Agha Mahmood Zamani during his address at a large gathering commemorating Imam Khomeini’s 21st. death anniversary on May 31 in Karachi (Pakistan).

“Today the war between truth and falsehood; the war between the rich and the poor; the war between the weak and the arrogant – has started. I kiss the hands of all who have stood up to fight throughout the world in the path of Allah and in the path of giving dignity to the Muslims. I give my sincere greetings to the free sparrows, to the dear nation…,” – Imam Khomeini.

In honor of the 21st death anniversary of the leader of Islamic Revolution (1979) on June 3, 2010 – Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei has pardoned 81 prisoners convicted for their leading role in the June 2009 ‘Green Revolution’ protests against Dr. Ahmadinejad’s huge ballot victory over its opponents. The protest rallies were allegedly sponsored by CIA , M!6 and Mossad.

Iran’s Niavaran Cultural Center and Khavaran Cultural Center are hosting photo exhibits, titled Imam of Sun in commemoration of Imam Khomeini on the eve of the anniversary of his death, which occured on June 3, 1989. The exhibit consists of 70 photos of Imam Khomeini at various stages of his life including his struggle against pro-Israel Shah’s regime, his exile in Iraq and France and his return to Iran. The exhibit will remain open til June 8, 2010.

In a latest book Imam Khomeini: A Leader of Principle and Purpose, Toronto-based Muslim writer and activist Zafar Bangesh, director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought wrote: “What we can say with confidence is that Islamic movements cannot gain power by participating in elections organized under the prevalent jahili (man-made) systems in Muslim societies. The experience of the Ikhwan (in Egypt), the Jamaat (in Pakistan), the Islamic Salvation Front (in Algeria) and many others that operate as Islamic political parties confirms this. Some may cite the successes of Hamas and Hizbullah to assert that participation in electoral  politics under existing systems can bring positive results. It needs pointing out that their conditions are rather different. Their lands and societies are under direct foreign military occupation. They’re forced to make difficult choices. Should they deal with the external enemy or tackle the internal situation first? The  choices facing them are not pleasant and both carry grave risks.

While estimated three million people had welcomed the Imam on February 1, 1979 when he returned from 15 years in exile, more than ten million people participated in his funeral prayers in Tehran in the scorching summer heat. The authorities in Iran had to urge people from outside Tehran not to come because facilities in the capital were stretched to breaking point. The scenes at his funeral, as witnessed on television, were heartbreaking.

The western media’s hostile propaganda is one dimension of the problem. In fact it is confirmation of the fact that the Imam had embarked on a course that was viewed by imperialism and Zionism, the two leading sources of Zulm (brutality) in the world today, as a challenge to their exploitative and anti-human policies. But what explains the hostility of such states as Saudi arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq under Saddam? Thesebastions of Arabism are illegitimate entities that were created by western colonialiststo serve their interests. The Imam’s successful struggle against the Shah, who was in the mould of all these other rulers, by bringing about an Islamic revolution exposed them completely. This was especially true in the case of Saudi Arabia whose rulers had wrapped themselves in the mantle of custodians of the Two Holy Cities….”


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