Watch out President Obama!

We all know that “a desparate situation needs a desparate measure”. New UN sanctions against Islamic Republic has lost its ground after Turkish-Iran-Brazil nuclear material swap deal, Israel’s delegitimization campaign is gaining momentum, Washington is losing war in Afghanistan and Washington’s hesitation to wage an immediate all-out war on Islamic Republic under Jewish Lobby pressure because Obama has been advised by his military generals against any such disastrous military adventure. However, the ‘the fifth column’ within the US with the help of Israel Mossad has successfully prepared the ground for some ‘desperate mesures’ – through recent false flage operations against Tehran, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Hizbullah and Hamas.

Now it’s reported that some ‘fifth column’ in the US had a short-lived article posted in NewsMax – has called for a military coup against Barack Obama. Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of website ‘Veteran Today’ has dealt with the said NewsMax article in detail under the title, Caught In The Act! Is The Murder of President Obama being Planned?, wrote:

“For the first time in years, senior members of Americas military led by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen and head of the army’s Central Command, General Petraeus, have stepped up to derail an Israeli plan to push phony intelligence on the US as they did with Iraq in order to support an invasion of Iran, an attack seen by top American military leaders as both unwarranted and a potential disaster. Israel’s answer was to go to congress and retired officers, bags of cash in hand, to garner support, newspaper ads and finally this act of desparation, an attempt to find conspirators inside the US military willing to commit treason.

Faced with the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and Secretary Gates proposed downsizing of the military, the clock is ticking on Israel’s plan to push America into war against Iran while adequate forces for an attack, although logistically prohibitive, politically destabilizing and politically suicidal for America. Additionally, current regulatory legislation before congress, promoted by President Obama, is designed to break the back of Israel’s control of American banking and their stranglehold on the American economy.  Of the largest threats to America’s economic survival, “dual citizens,” those with both Israeli and American passports head companies most threatened by new regulations meant to prevent future “pump and dump” attacks on the US economy.    If Obama is left alive, the ability to run games like the sub-prime mortgage fraud will end, and with it, billions stolen from middle class Americans.

Making the case for the end of America’s government and freedoms isn’t anything new.  America was threatened with a military coup in 1934 using almost idential language.  Wall Street bankers and members of the American Legion banded together in what is now called the “Business Plot” in an attempt to install a fascist dictatorship in America based on the Nazi German model, then seen as a basis for saving America from control by a “Jewish conspiracy.” The first attempt to scare America also sets the stage for a nuclear attack on the US, an attack meant to be blamed on Pakistan.  Pakistan has one of the worlds largest and best trained military forces but is plagued by terrorists supported by, would you have guessed it, Israel.  Israel continually warns of Paksitan’s nuclear weapons being stolen and Israel is the country that has been training and supplying the terrorist that Israel says constitutes the threat. America is very aware of the high security protecting Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.  However, no American has ever been able to find out how secure Israeli nukes are or the nuclear weapons Israel supplied to South Africa in 1975……”

Jeff Gates posted a warning on January 6, 2010, under the heading Will Israel Assassinate Barack Obama?, writing:

“To assassinate an American president with impunity requires pre-staging. For Israel to succeed would require an Evil Doer on whom the deed could plausibly be blamed. The emerging fact patterns suggest that such pre-staging is well underway……  in the U.S as manipulated impressions become the mental building blocks to create a plausible culprit from an Islamic nation. Keep in mind that repeated reports of Iraqi WMD created a generally accepted “consensus” truth – regardless of the facts. Oft-repeated reports of the threat of Iranian WMD have steadily created the impression of a nuclear weapons capability with no basis in fact. But facts are not the point when pre-staging an Evil Doer. The point is what a targeted population can be induced to believe.

Five Muslim students in the U.S. traveled to Pakistan in mid-December, setting off a flurry of reports about the threat of “homegrown terrorism.” Every report mentioned the recent shootings at Fort Hood, Texas by a Muslim psychiatrist. A series of other incidents helped enhance the plausibility of a violent event traceable to the requisite Islamic Evil Doer. The Justice Department announced this month that the trial of a 9-11 suspect will be held in Manhattan, with a second trial in nearby Brooklyn. In explaining the projected $150 million cost, local officials likened the extensive security to what is required for a New Year’s Eve celebration—only lasting for months. These trials are akin to a high profile publicity campaign certain to keep Americans on edge while enhancing the plausibility of “Islamic” violence.

Should pro-Israeli extremists detect an inclination by Barack Obama to endorse a return of Palestinian land to the Palestinians, the likelihood of his assassination will greatly increase. For his death to appear plausibly due to an Islamic source requires pre-staging akin to what is now ongoing. To displace facts with what the public can be induced to believe requires a period of mental preparation in order to make misdirection believable……..”

It seems, millions of Muslims and Americans is about to be sacrificed for the pleasure of the Evil Doers.


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