Arundhati Roy on ‘state terrorism’

 “The people of Kashmir have made themselves abanduntly clear and if no one is listening then it is because they don’t want to hear. Because this referendum. People don’t need anyone to reprent them; they’re representing themselves. As somebody who has followed people’s movements and who has been in rallies and at the heart or the edge of the things, I don’t think you can dispute what you see here. Since the 1930s, there have been debates and disputes about who has the right to represent the Kashmiri people; whether it was (Raja) Hari Singh of (the first Prime Minister of Kashmir) Sheikh Abdullah or someone else. And the debate continue till today whether it’s Hurriyat or some other party. But I think today the people have represented themselves….. India need Azadi (freedom) from Kashmir as much as Kashmir need Azadi from India….,” Arundhati Roy said in a massive rally in Srinagar, August 2008.

Arundhati Roy (born 1961) is an Indian author, activist and a former actress. She has been championing the cause of India’s down-troden minorities, such as, Muslims (over 150 million), Dalit (over 200 million), Naga, Moist, Sikhs and Christians who are been terrorized by the racist Hindutva government in New Delhi. On international level, she is being demonized by the world’s Zionist thugs for speaking in favor of Palestinian resistance against the Occupation (watch 3 videos below).

Arundhati Roy’s article titled Is there life after democracy? is one of the best I have read so far. She was interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Know! on March 22, 2010 in which she blasted Obama’s “good wars” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India – and called democracy “the biggest scam in the world”.


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