Anti-Immigration law, holocaust, racism and Israel Lobby

Arizona’s new tough law against illegal immigration has prompted furious reaction from Jewish groups against Christian groups who oppose the law – for comparing the law with Germany’s Nazi era. Cardinal Roger Mahony, head of the LA Roman Catholic Archdiocese claimed that the law “encourages people to turn on each other in Nazi and Soviet-style repression”. Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the LA Wiesenthal Center responded that comparison of the Arizona immigration law with Nazi era “diminishes (importance of) Holocaust“.

Personally, I believe that people from the third world, whose natural resources are still being looted by the Western colonial powers, should be given the right to immigrate to the rich countries as cheap labor – as long as they don’t work for the interests of a foreign country. Furthermore, the immigration policy should not be baised toward certain groups, such as Arabs or Latinos. Unfortunately, that’s not the agenda of the pro-Israel Jewish support for pro-immigration laws. It’s all for the benefit of the Zionist entity, which needs to be painted as “moral and supporter of human-rights in the third world” while portraying Arabs (Muslims) being the evil ones. Dan Stein, executive director of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) showed his true color by putting radio and TV advertisement, last Summer, in response to Senator Spence Abraham (R-Mich), an Arab American for supporting more visas for foreigners with high-tech skills. FAIR’s advertisement read: “Abraham’s proposal could make it easier for (Arab) terrorists like Osama Bin Laden to export their way of terror in any street in America”.

Not long ago, Professor Kevin MacDonald (California State University) was attacked by pro-Israel lobby groups for accusing Jews for devising immigration policy specifically intended to dilute and weaken the White (Christian) population of America on Glenn Spencer Radio Show. Glenn Spencer is welknown for his anti-immigration and Washington’s foreign policy. Professor Kevin MacDonald exposed the hypocrisy of the Jewish lobby groups when he wrote: “Finding example of Jewish double standards and hypocrisy vis-a-vis their attitude about Israel (where a Jew born anywhere in the world has the God-given right to immigrate to the Occupied Palestine, but not the children of native Muslim and Christian Palestinians expelled from their ancestral lands since 1948) and US is like shooting fish in a barrel. But their posturing on the Arizona immigration law is particularly egregious. Not surprisingly, the organized Jewish groups (ADL, AJC, Simon Wiesenthal Center, National Council of Jewish women, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, SPLC, etc) have unanimously come out against the Arizona law……”

Kenneth Stern, an anti-Semitism expert with American Jewish Committee (AJC) in his 2006 book ‘Anti-Semitism Today’, which was endorsed by Morris Dee, the head of the Southern Povert Law Center (SPLC). The book’s cover shows the picture of some Palestinian protesting against Israeli attacks. I am at a loss to understand how a demonstration against Occupation becomes ‘anti-Semitism’? Isn’t that a clear case of Jewish racism against Arabs? This is what the Western progressive Jews represent – ‘Progressive Except Palestine (PEP) – watch a video below). I have personal experience with two of such PEP sites, Mondoweiss and Race for Iran.


One response to “Anti-Immigration law, holocaust, racism and Israel Lobby

  1. Arizona Immigration law is scheduled to go into effect on July 28. Referendum requires filing 76,682 voter signatures by 90 days. Make your voice heard on

    Please tell people your opinion. It is very interesting to know what you are thinking about SB1070

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