US wants regime-change within Hizbullah

Photo of Israeli girls posting greetings for Lebanese children during 2006 war.

Barack Obama’s Homeland Security advisor and former senior CIA official under Dubya Bush, John Brennan, wrote  in July 2008, in the ANNALS magazine of the ‘American Academy of Political and Social Science’ that “Washington should soften its rhetoric toward Iran without relenting on its demands for Iran to cut ties with terrorists” (Hamas and Hizbullah).

On May 18, John Brennan told a Washington think tank that Hizbullah a very interesting organization, has improved from “purely a terrorist organization” to an entity that now counts members in Lebanese parliament and even cabinet posts. However, Brennan likes Washington to bring a regime change within the organization as it did within the Palestinian Authority (PA) by projecting pro-USrael corrupt Mahmoud Abbas over duly elected Hamas government. “What we need to do is to find ways to diminsh their (Sheikh Nasrallah and clerics) influence within the organization and try to build up the more moderate elements,” he said.

Reacting to Brennan’s comments published in Jerusalem Post, Major-General Yaakov Amidror, former commander of Israel’s National Defense College, told CBN: “I think it’s a joke…..I don’t believe there is anyone in the (US) administration who is naïve enough to believe there are moderate elements within Hezbollah that might act against Iran……. I don’t believe this naïveté exists in Washington, I think that this is something that Jerusalem Post has to go and to find where a mistake was made, maybe in the translation to what is going on in Washington to the front page of Jerusalem Post because if the Jerusalem Post is right something wrong has happened in Washington…”

To some political analyst, Brennan’s statement is Obama administration’s admission that Hizbullah cannot be defeated by the Zionist entity on the battle-field, but must be destroyed from within. And once the US succeed in replacing the religious leadership with secularist leadership like Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who in his autobiography wrote: “In regard to Israel, I have always been moderate, who wishes for the freedom of Palestinians but will not sacrifice too much Lebanese blood to obtain this freedom. My main objective is to remove Israel from its nine mile wide security zone in South Lebanon”. Hizb’Allah under such a puppet leadership would certainly be acceptable to ZOGs both in Washington and Tel Aviv.

John Brennan speaks fluent Arabic and recently got into trouble with the Jewish Lobby for calling Jerusalem by its Islamic name Al-Quds (watch video below).

The latest Israeli ‘smoking gun’ against Hizbullah was published in German daily Spiegel (May 17, 2010), which claimed that Hizbullah (like Mossad) has brought ‘sex’ into espionage: “Hizbolla is supposed to have infiltrated the elite unit with a faked Facebook profile. With the photo of a pretty young woman who logged in with an Israeli name, the Shiite military is supposed to have built up contact to elite soldiers and elicited secret information.  The facebook page of Reut Zuckerman, who is lying on a sofa beaming into the camera in her profile photo went online about a year ago. The people behind the site made contact with numerous Israeli army soldiers. MySay reports that about 200 soldiers and reservists were on Zuckerman’s friends list. Zuckerman concentrated particularly on an elite unite of paratroopers. Apparently many of the men suspected that the woman was herself an Israeli soldier in a special unit. The people behind the site worked slowly to gain the confidence of the soldiers and are reported to have gained key information regarding the activities of the unit in question……”

If that’s true – Well done Hizbullah.

Abdar Rahman Koya wrote: “From a rag-tag band of guerrillas in the 1980s, the Hizbullah have become a near-professional army capable of resisting the Israelis on several fronts for prolonged periods. But they are far more than simply a military force. They are also a popular political movement in Lebanon, capable of transcending the country’s fractured communal politics, and the main providers of education and welfare services to Lebanon’s poorest people. It is not only for their military strength that they are massively popular with Arab and Muslim peoples everywhere – and regarded with fear by Israel, the West and Arab governments alike. Hizbullah is perhaps the most successful non-governmental social, political and military movement in the world today”.


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