Jeff Halper – The Israeli Jew who hates Occupation

Jeff Halper PhD (born 1946), is the co-founder of Israel Committee Against House Demolitions. He is a US-born Israeli (dual) citizen. He is author, political activist, and have taught Anthropology at University of Haifa and Ben-Gurion University. Jeff has fought for the rights of Arab and Ethiopian Jews in Israel who are treated as low-caste Jews, just like the Dalits in India.

Jeff Halper was interviewed by the ‘Talking Stick TV’ in March 2010 (watch the video below). He said: “The Israeli public can live with the Occupation, it has lived with for 43 years now, and it is only with international pressure on Israel that we are in the end gonna to bring a meaningful peace. So we are trying to work in Europe, we work in other parts of the world. I was just in China recently – and of course in the united States because Israel sees the United States as the ‘only player’ in town. So that is very important. But the United Satates government, whether it’s Obama or Bush or Clinton or anybody els, isn’t going to be assertive on Israel …….. The conflict is not localized but it impacts the American interests, Western interests and the whole global system. What is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iran, what is happening with Al-Qaeda, the whole alienation of the West from the Muslim world in general – all that comes out of the Israel-Palestine conflict. That’s the symbolic epicenter….”

“For 43 years it’s (Israel) holding more than four million Palestinians captive in an Occupation in which we are taking water, we are taking other resources, they become cheap labor, we want their land for all kind of reasons. This is a population which refuses to submit, so you have two Intifadas or uprisings, you have resistance, so what Israel has to do is not only to put down resistance, which is a military function, but to pacify the population. In other words, the idea is we’re gonna control this area permanently. There is no negotiation, there is no peace process, from Israel’s point of view……. That’s what’s called “Israel’s pacification industry”. Israeli economy is based on exporting the Occupation (through various false flag operations blamed on Muslims). We are exporting weapons. Israel is the third largest arms exporter in the world. Israel has taken over the security of many American airports. Last year Mayor of Los Angeles came to Israel for signing with Israeli firms to take control of LAX. Seattle police is allegedly trained by Israelis.


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