Middle East’s new heavyweights

The idols and invincibility myths of Uncle Sam, EU and the Zionist entity are crumbling in the entire Middle East. The emerging new regional heavyweights are the Islamic Republic, Turkey and Syria. Both Iraq and Afghanistan have turned into Washington’s new Vietnam. The situation has gone so bad for Washington that US Armed Forces guru, Admiral Michael Mullen and Chief of CENTCOM Gen. David Petraeus were force to give a political wrong advice to Barack Obama that Israeli actions are the reasons for the failure of American agenda in the Middle East. When sheepish Joe Biden conveyed this message to Benjamin Netanyahu – Joe Biden received a treatment reserved for an ‘anti-Semite’ crimianal.

Obama’s rhetoric for ‘dialogues’ with Iran, Syria and Pakistan, and his policy toward the rest of the Muslim world has long been exposed fraudulent by his actions. He is pursuing Bush’s Zionist agenda all the way.

Since Israel’s military humiliation in Lebanon’s 34-day war in 2006 and 23-day invasion of Gaza Strip – the Middle East has gone through major political changes. Even the most slavish regimes like Saudi Arabia have finally come to the conclusion that its decades-old alliance with the Western colonial powers is not going to save it from the changes in the region. While Israel continue to receive an annual $3 billion US military aid – its aversaries in the Middle East have been busy procuring military detterant. According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, Hizb’Allah has received Chinese QW-1 (Vanguard) shoulder-launched SAMs and the Islamic Republic may finally be receiving S-300, Russia’s best anti-aircraft missile system which would certainly destroy Israeli airforce supramacy. Furthermore, Islamic Republic is the only country among 57 Muslim nation-states, which produces most of its conventional military hardware locally.

The artificial state of Iraqi Kurdistan created by the US and Israel for the Turkish outlawed PKK, a terrorist organization, is loaded with Kurd Jews. Estimated 50,000 Kurdish Jews live in Israel on Palestinian lands. Former Israeli defensec miniter Yitzhak Mordechai is a Kurch Jew. In November 2006, the Pulitzer Prize winning Jew investigating reporter, Seymour Hersh, had reported that PKK’s Iranian offshoot PJAK, too receive arms and finance support from Israel and the US. US-Israel axis is using PKK to destablize Kurdish communities in Turkey, Syria and Iran.

Turk Muslims after living under radical secular Kemalist/Crypto-Jewish authoritarian regime for over eight centuries – stagged a democratic Intifada by voting in moderate Islamic party of AKP in 2002. Frustrated by EU and NATO Islamophobia – Ankara under AKP began reviving its old Ottoman roots in the East. It made friendly gestures to several Arab neighboring countries. Turkey, with a Sunni majority, has taken the role of Sunni leadership in alliance with Shia Iran and secularist Syria – to replace the US-EU-Israel axis in the Middle East.

On May 16, 2010 – Thierry Meyssan, a French political analyst, in his research paper Strategy shift in the Middle East, wrote:

However, this trend remains fragile since Washington may still have the possibility to destabilize the new troika. Be that as it may, several attempts by corrupt Syrian generals to overthrow Bashar al-Assad were foiled even before they could act. The multiple attacks orchestrated by the CIA in the non-Persian provinces of Iran failed to trigger separatist revolts. While the colour revolution, organized by the CIA and MI6 during the presidential election, was been drowned out by a human tidal wave. To the tens of thousands of protesters in the northern neighbourhoods of Tehran, the rest of the country responded with a massive demonstration of 5 million people. Finally, it appears that Washington is incapable of resorting again to Gladio to establish a military dictatorship in Turkey. On the one hand because the new generation of Turkish generals no longer buttressed to Kemalism and secondly because the AKP Muslim-Democratic is intent on dismantling Ergenekon (current version Turkish Gladio).

Washington and Tel Aviv could also fabricate fraudulent files to justify military action. Thus, since 2007, they have been alleging that Israel discovered and bombed a military nuclear research center in Syria and that Iran is developing a vast programe of a similar nature. More recently, the same powers have accused Syria of having introduced Scuds into Lebanon. However, these accusations do not stand up to analysis any more than those formulated by Secretary of State Colin Powell before the United Nations Security Council United Nations regarding Iraqi’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction. The numerous IAEA inspection teams that visited Iran only found evidence of civilian activities, and the UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon have denied the presence of Scuds in the country.


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