Mugabe’s journey from Tel Aviv to Tehran

Last week, Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad was in Zimbabwe on an official visit. He had a friendly meeting with Zimbabwe’an President Robert Mugabe in Harare. During his visit Iranian official signed mutual agreements in the fields of science, mining, industry, agriculyure and tourism. The Israel Hasbara Committee bandwagon tried to turn this meeting into another Iranian venture to produce nuclear bomb and threaten the very existence of Israel and a ‘security risk’ to the US and the entire world community. According to the Zionist-controlled mainstream media – “Iran strikes a secret deal nuclear deal” with Mugabe which would give uranian mining rights to the Islamic Republic. Well how secret is this deal – can be judged by Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba’s statement that he was unaware of any uranium mining deal between Tehran and Harare – but we all know how Mossad is known to fabricate such ‘secrets’.

Now change Zimbabwe with Niger and listen to Dubya Bush’s State of the Union address on January 28, 2003: “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa” – and guess who is trying to frame whom. British government was used to shield Bush’s lie. In fact the lie was fabricated by CIA and Mossad with the knowledge of CIA director George J. Tenet (allegedly born with Jewish name David Cohen), who was presented with the Jewish lobby group ADL’s highest award of ‘America’s Democratic Legacy Award’ by Abe Foxman on February 11, 2005.

Sometimes, the Israeli Hasbara Committee idiots do show their propaganda crap for what it is. For example, a few days ago, Reuters explained Islamic Republic in one sentence: “Israel, like the United States, European Union and others, suspects that Iran is developing atomic weapons, a charge Iran denies. Iran, whose president has said Israel should be wiped off the map, says its nuclear program is peaceful“. Never mind that Dr. Ahmadinejad did not call for the destruction of state of Israel or the mass murder of illegal Jewish settler – however, the fact is that the only country which has been wiped off the map – happens to be 3,000-year-old Palestine.

Russia, China, South Africa and Australia have shown their interests in minning uranium in Zimbabwe. According to David Albright, founder of the Washington-based Zionist think tank, Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), Iran was certainly looking for ways to access uranium but they risked serious consequences if they sought to import the materials (resulting in further crippling UN sanctions). Zimbabwe is reported to have as much as 450,000 tonnes of uranium ore deposits.

Interestingly, it was US President Jimmy Carter who refused to recognized the first Black government of prime minister Bishop Abel Muzorewa (a Methodist) in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), which replaced the White-ruled government of Ian Smith in 1979. Jimmy Carter kept US sanctions against Bishop Muzorewa. In 1980, Robert Mugabe came to power with the help of Swiss-based World Council of Churches (WCC) and National Council of Churches (NCC). In 1973, the NCC had hailed Mugabe’s guerrillas as “co-workers with God”. He imprisoned Bishop Muzorewa in 1983 for allegedly consipring with Israel and South Africa for the ‘regime-change’ and recognize the Zionist entity.

Both Israel and South Africa supported the Rhodesian White government with arms and military training during the African resistance against the White rule. Though Mugabe established relations with PLO in 1983 – he maintained trade relations with the Zionist entity. According to the Online Journal (December 18, 2008): “Zimbabwean Opposition blames Israel more than China for propping up Mugabe with security assistance and military equipment“. In return for support for Mugabe, Israel had access to Zimbabwe’s gold and diamond resources, as well as those in Congo over which Zimbabwe has control. Zimbabwe broke diplomatic relations with Israel after later’s Dec-Jan 2009 Gaza genocide.

Islamic Republic’s growing influence, especially under Dr. Ahmadinejad presidency, in South America and Africa – which were considered US-Israel backyards – is sending shivers in Zionists’ spine. In South America, Tehran has succeeded in blunting Israel influence in Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia and Nicaragua. In Africa, Ahmadinejad has won goodwill from regimes in Senegal (95% Muslim population) by helping to build a car and tractor factory and promise of an oil refinery in the near future and cheap supply of oil. Tehran has helped Sudan to become third-biggest arms maker in Africa. Gambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Mauritania are also seeking Iranian help in several economic fields. However, Tehran’s greatest achievement in its foreign policy is pulling Turkey out of US-Israel-NATO anti-Muslim alliance.

Islam arrived in Zimbabwe area in the late 10th century CE. The US States Department reports that the Muslim population of Zimbabwe could be around 1.2 million.


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