Study: Anti-Semitism up in Europe

As more and more nations are distancing themselves from the Zionist entity for its ethnic-cleansing and apartheid policies plus its insulting treatment of the leaders of Israel’s several friendly nations, such as the US, Britain, Brazil and Turkey – The Zionist-regime has brought out its most deadly WMD of “anti-Semitism” to shore-up its sinking legalization.

A study conducted by Tel Aviv University and released on the holocaust memorial day – shows that the anti-Semitism is on rise in Europe especially under the most pro-Israel governments in France and England. The study has listed 1,129 cases of ‘anti-Semitism’ in 2009 (almost double than in 2008) around the world ranging from vandalism and arson against Jewish buildings and attacks on Jews. The study has blamed Muslims for most of these incidents. Interestingly, though, in many cases the culprits were found to be Jews trying to demean Muslims being ‘terrorists’. For example, Synagogue bombing in Istanbul, Venezuela, Argentina, etc. In 2004, Marie-Leonie Leblanc admitted inventing an ‘anti-Semite assualt’ on her in Paris train by Arab and Black youths. On August 19, 2004, professor Kerri Dunn (Claremont McKenna College, Las Angeles) was found staging anti-Semitic hate crime. Two vocal pro-Israel, anti-Muslim Carleton University (Canada) students, Klibanov and Bergamini had recently complained that 15 Arab students chased them and “tried to cut their heads off with a machete”. The list of such staged anti-Semitic hoaxes is endless.

Even the horrible Muslim Al-Qaeda come to the rescue of the Jews by blaming Islamic Iran for fabricating the story that “Israel was behind 9/11”.

The said study was carried out by the Stephen Roth Institute and it reported the highest numbers of anti-Semitic incidents (374 in 2009 as compared to 112 in 2008) in Foreign SecretaryDavid Miliband’s (a Zionist Jew and staunch supporter of Israel) Britain – followed by Zionist Jew Nicolas Sarkozy’s France (195 in 2009 as compared to 50 in 2008). The other ‘anti-Semitic’ incidents reported in some countries include; Canada (138), the US (116), Germany (33), Belgium (28) and Austria (22). Interestingly, a EU report on racism in Britain released last month reported that race-linked violence reached to its peak (38,000) in 2009 –  against non-Whites especially Muslims.

It was German political journalist Wilhelm Marr (1819-1904) who had coined the term “anti-Semitism”. He claimed, like many Westerners now, that Jews control German finance and trade – and that the victory of Jewish race in Germany would be the death of German race. Since then, the leaders of World Zionist movement have been using this term to silence the criticism of Jews, holocaust and the Zionist entity.

A spate of recent articles and books assert the rise of a “new anti-Semitism.” This is the thrust of “Graffiti on History’s Walls” by Mortimer Zuckerman, the cover story of the November 3, 2003, issue of U.S. News & World Report. In December New York magazine ran a similarly sensationalist cover story, titled “The Return of Anti-Semitism,” which spoke of “a groundswell of hate” against Jews and suggested that Jew-hatred was now “politically correct” in Europe. At least three books recently published in English make the same claim: Never Again? by Abraham Foxman, national director of Israel Lobby Anti-Defamation League (ADL); The New Anti-Semitism by feminist Phyllis Chesler; and The Case for Israel by Harvard law professor and Israel Hasbara author Alan Dershowitz. Most of the contributors to A New Antisemitism?, edited by Paul Iganski and Barry Kosmin, take a similar view, with varying degrees of emphasis. However, the bottom line of such literary work is as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said last year: “Criticism of Israel is an old-fashioned anti-Semitism”.

Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkum magazine, wrote in 2007 under heading “There is No New Anti-Semitism”:

“The chrages of anti-Semitism that has consistently been launched against anyone who criticizes Israeli policy is now launched against the one American leader (Jimmy Carter) who managed to create a lasting peace between Israel and a major Arab state (Egypt). Instead of seriously engaging with the issues (Israel being an apartheid state like former South Africa under White rule) raised, the Jewish establishment and media responded by attacking the people who raise these or other critiques – shifting the discourse to the legitimacy of the messenger and thus avoiding the substance of the criticism……

Yet there is nothing “new” about this alleged anti-Semitism that these mainstream Jewish voices seek to reveal. From the moment I started Tikkum magazine twenty years ago as “the liberal alternative to Commentary and the voices of Jewish conservatism and spiritual deadness in the organized Jewish community” our magazine has been attacked in much of the organized Jewish community as “self-hating Jews”. The reason? We believe that Israeli policy toward Palestinians, manifested most dramatically in the Occupation of the West Bank for what will soon be forty years and in the refusal of Israel to take any moral responsibility for its part in the creation of Arab refugee problem, is immoral, irrational, self destructive, a violation of the highest values of the Jewish people and a serious impediment to world peace….”

An finally, could it be that Polish President Lech Kaczynski, a former child movie star was eliminated in a plane crash a few days ago – because he had anti-Semites in his ruling coalition? Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) had quoted Stephen Roth Institute: “The new president of Poland was elected with the backing of anti-Semitic supporters. But not all Polish Jewish officials believe Lech Kaczynski, who will take office in December, should be criticized for his extremist bedfellows, especially considering his record on Jewish issues. Kaczynski, the former mayor of Warsaw, was elected last month to replace President Aleksander Kwasniewski. Barred from running again under Poland electoral law, Kwasniewski is popular with Jews inside and outside Poland. The incoming president’s Catholic-oriented Law and Justice Party governs Poland in coalition with two extremist parties, Self-Defense and the League of Polish Families, “whose members have frequently expressed anti-Semitic sentiments,”


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