Jews and Brahmins – Birds of a feather

Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan,” David Ben Gurion, quoted in UK’s Jewish Chronicle, August 9, 1967.

Now if you read history of the Indo-subcontinent from objective sources, you discover the during the ten centuries Muslim rule, the upper-caste Brahmin Hindus neither stopped conspiring against the Muslim rulers while the members of other three lower-cast Hindus not only co-operated with the Muslim rulers but also became the part of the governing elites even without converting to Islam.

Many Jews and Brahmins were supporters of Adolf Hitler based on their common concept of the “race superiority”.

The Genome Research Journal (May8, 2001) reported that the upper caste Brahmin Hindus have common traits with the Jewish people  – such as the caste superiority (racism) and ethnically the great majority of both Brahmins and Jews is rooted in Khazar tribes of Asia.

V.T. Rajshekar, editor fortnightly Dalit Voice, Bangalore (India) wrote: “India’s Brahminical rulers called the “Jews of India”, being blood brothers of the Jews, are in tight embrace to fight their latest enemies Islam. Israel fears attack from the nuclear armed Iran. India’s 2% Brahmins cannot survive without war and violence which are their staple diet. Both the Jews and the “Jews of India” say they have been able to win over President Obama to tackle their common enemy. But our friend Alan Hart fears another anti-Jew violence in the West. We have the same fears in India: the rise of anti-Brahmin war and violence. The unity of China with Iran, Pakistan and other revolutionary Islamic forces including Palestine plus the Indian original inhabitants will produce a gigantic force before which the micro-minority Jews and “Jews of India” will pale into insignificance…..”

The Dalit Voice Editorial said:”The conspirators and killers of MK Gandhi were all Chitpavan hailing from Pune to which BG Talik belonged. It is these ChipavanBrahmins who started India’s first Brahminical terrorist party called the RSS. The discovery of the more deadly Brahaminical terrorist outfit called the Abhinav Bharat, headed by a serving Indian Army Officer, Lt. Col. Purohit, now in jail for many terrorist killings along with his gang, further strengthen our theory. Lt. Col. Purohit has admitted visiting the Zionist Israel and getting its full support – with funds and arms – to kill Muslims.

It must be admitted that the close affinity and the perfect net-working between the Jews and “the Jews of India” is of recent origin. The marriage of convenience between the two was forged after the Jews became dictators within the USA after the two World Wars and the death of Communist Soviet Union. The Jews having finished Christianity and then enslved the Christians, the only other enemy they faced was Islam.

As the Jews were already engaged in fighting Muslims in the newly created Israel – a British gift of Palestine which historically belonged to Arabs – the “Jews of India (Brahmins)” approached their cousins in this fight against the common enemy. Since then the “Jews of India” have further tightened the embrace of their cousins and secured all the support to enslave the original inhabitants of India.

As the Jews are controllers of entire Western media and the Brahmins are managing the Indian media, both the conspirators have seen to it that no truth comes out in their current desperate war on Islam. The rise of Black cum Muslim Barack Obama as the new President of America – now a sinking power – was hailed by the forces opposed to the Jews and the “Jews of India”. But the Zionists appear to have “pocketed” Obama by giving Nobel Peace Prize to a war-monger.”


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    Search “Gene Matlock: The India, Turkey, Mexico Connection”

    of couse getting to a solution is far better.

    people today question every thing about the hollowcost.

    yws, i spelled that right!

    removing belief and replacing it with knowledge is the key.

    thus begin your freedom.


    nobeliefs dot com

    church of reality dot org

    go to “your god is imaginary”.
    or “jesus never existed”

    How could the Hopi religion match the Hindu? Much at viewzone, plus
    12 Matlock books.

    Search for “The Forged Origins of The New Testament”

    Search for “The True Authorship of the New Testament”

    Search “matlock Abraham Who was he?”

    Search “Did the Hindus Help Write the Bible
    and Give the Ancient Mexicans Their Religious

    Search “Is There A Connection Between
    Ancient Indian And Hebrew Language?”

    Search “Are All the Biblical Mesechs in the Americas?”

    Search “Hebrews And Vedic Brahmins”

    don’t forget to read “the 13th tribe.”

  2. I hate to interrupt this love fest but I had not known that Muslim rule had extended to the entire subcontinent. Hmmmmmmmm. We are reading different tablets! You really think that we in the west need educating and chastising. What we know is that Palestinians are digging up the graves of Christians and ridding the land of the pollution. What we know is that the second Caliphate is coming. Go ahead, rewrite history. Next you will tell us that the Gods of the Greeks really walked the earth and spoke to you in passing. Even the Greeks know better.
    But do you not think of what science has done to ALL religions? One famous theory posited by a Princeton professor about 30 years ago was that when someone in the time of Jesus saw a burning bush, that was just a human at a certain point in human development when the two spheres of the brain were not talking to each other well. Also consider that many Christians see the Bible as literature not fact. There is room for all of these points of view in my world but not in yours apparently.

  3. The first Jewish-Hindu Summit 1968

  4. Samhenry – I hate to burst your inflated ignorance – but before the Muslim first came to India in 721 CE (the same year Arab Muslim invaded Spain to liberate enslaved Jews) there was no united India in the Indian subcontinent. It was a mass of land with over 5,000 princely state – some as small as a “city state”. It was under Muslim rule which united the sub-continent into one single country known as Hindustan. When British ocuupied the country in the middle of 18th century – they named it “India”.

    For your information – it’s not Palestinians but the Europe’s unwanted Jews who have reduced the Christian population from 20% (in 1948) to less than 5% at present in Israel.

    What most Christians read in their history is how the Jews chased the few dozen followers of Jesus and finally put him on the Cross.

    Christian see Bible as “Word of God” though many of Christian scholars believe that Bibe has been corrupted as much as 80% of its contents. So is the case with Jewish Bible (OT) which is full of hatred and pornography – but Christians and the Orthodox Torah Jews believe that OT is “word of God”.

    As far as the Jewish Talmud is concerned – I would rather quote Israeli professor Israel Shahak, who wrote: “Talmud is the most hateful religious literature in the world”.

    Interestingly, Jewish historian Shlomo Sand in his has proved that Jews were INVENTED only a century ago.

    Now, whether you believe it or not – the above are FACTS.

  5. Many Jews and Brahmins were supporters of Adolf Hitler based on their common concept of the “race superiority”.

    NOTHING could be further from the truth. Why would a Jew ever be a supporter of Hilter’s ideologies? What do you know of the crushing atrocities that the Nazis committed against the Jews of Europe?

  6. I suppose Toronto Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut knows the truth far better than you. So, in case you believe that Jews were persecuted by Hitler – then I’m affraid your Rabbi in his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah‘, Plaut wrote that Frankist Jews were responsible for the Holocaust.

    Hitler even had an Indian Hindu regiment under the command of Colonel Subhas Chandra Bose.

  7. very poor knowledge. minus 10 marks out of 1000. dear student go to home, do homework. then come back

    • I will e-mail your IQ rating to your Canadian Jewish gay brother Eric Walberg, who coined the pharase “Jews and Gays, birds of the feather”.

  8. Made my day! Very Funny Article.
    Keep writing comical fiction! Thumbs Up!!!

  9. All truth Haters always create Rumors On Brahmins This Rumors Carried by Haters of Brahmins Spread by Fools who are NoN- Hindhu Belivers, And accepted By Idiots of world who doesnt know abt hinduism they know only truth-less Rumors Like this ( HA HA HA HA HA i am able to do this only ) Brahmins are always Great why bcz those people only pray to god for all peoples Happy (sarvey Janaa Sukhinobhavanthu) Not only their happy SARVEY janaa Sukhinobhavanthu Loka samastha Sukhino bhavanthu

    • Mahasheji, have you ever read this one?

      Hinduism is one of the oldest pre-Christian pagan religions still viable in the world today. While we think of it as the faith of Mother India, it actually traces it origins to a mysterious tribe of Europeans called the Aryans who invaded and conquered Northern India from 1500 BC to 500 BC. The light-skinned Brahmins of Northern India claim to be their physical and spiritual descendants.

  10. We need to establish peace …Pls, oh jews, muslims, Hindus , christians…forget your trivial differences and come close together and let us build the world together.

  11. This is the most stupidest obscure thinking. Indian/ Hindu hearts are not filled with hatred towards muslims. The communal violence in India is very minimal and very local, discrete not a theme for entire nation. IF you put a billion people in a piece of land there is obviously minor troubles. Stop this kind over extrapolation of bad thinking. You seem like a smart guy, think about how to meet worlds population food/ energy/ health needs in a sustainable fashion.

    • Lol…. There are only five million foreign Jews and they have been killing minor Muslim for the last 67 years.

      When was the last time you read your hateful Mahabharat or Talmud for that matter.

  12. Jews are more closer to Yadavas of Krishna. Yadavas and Yahudas sound similar. Yadava’s had their golden cow Surabhi and colden calves called Kapila cows. Pillar of fire is shiva linga. Shiva’s union with Shakti is represented by Shaktkona 6 pointed star etc.

  13. i see a lot of info which are without any basis. one thing is sure, the blogger wish to sow the seeds of hatred against hindus. When reading the below lines

    //while the members of other three lower-cast Hindus not only co-operated with the Muslim rulers but also became the part of the governing elites even without converting to Islam.//

    the thought came to my mind is either you are dwelling in complete ignorance on the subject or you are writing it with ulterior motives. Either case you are going to loose

    • I’m not Simon Jones. He is a White Canadian, author and gay himself.

      Brahmins along with Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras all co-operated with Muslim rulers wherever it serve their interests. Some of them become military leaders, royal court advisers, and some Hindu ‘royals’ gave their daughters in marriage to Muslim kings to show their love for them. All Mughal rulers after Emperor Akbar were children of Hindu princess Jodha Bai (1542-1623).

      Pandit Nehru admitted in his book that Muslim rulers made India the greatest religious tolerant, liberated and civilized society. But such truth cannot be accepted by a member of Hindu fascist cult.

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