Marketing Holocaust

On March 14, 2010 – the Timesonline under the heading, What a stag do: strippers, booze, Auschwitz, reported a new trend to promote Zionist narrative of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi camps in Poland. Two British companies, Lost Night of Freedom and Chillisauce are offering a trip to Poland for just 149 pounds per person to have the fun of his/her life while learning the Zionists’ holocaust narrative – “one million Jews died in those two camps”, period. And forget all about the Gypsies and the Christian inmates.

According to the paper, the tourists are entertained with booze, lap dancers, paintballing, white-water rafting and firing a Kalashnikov. Paul Luke, content manager at Last Night of Freedom, which claims to be the world’s biggest travel agency for stag and hen weekends, told a journalist posing as a customer: “It is bizarre when you drop a visit to the most depressing place on Earth into a massively fun weekend, but it is life-affirming. People have told us they have had the best night out ever after they have been there, because it almost makes you think, ‘To hell with that, we have seen the worst humanity had to show and then gone out on a major night on the tiles with strippers and booze’.

Zionists’ narrative not only refuses to accept a challenge to its “Six Million Died” tabulation but also forbids non-Jewish mass killing to be called “Halocaust”, such as 1.7 million German Christians murdered and starved to death after the D-Day by the Allied Forces and local Jewish gangs or 7 million Ukrainian Christians and over 60 million Russian Christians killed by the Communist-Jew alliance or 1.5 million Armenian killed by Crypto-Jew Turks or hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed in Bosnia, Chechynia and Philippines by the Christians or 2 million Iraqis killed as result of US wars and sanctions or 4 milliom victims of Bengali Famine and more than 5 million Palestinian made to live outside their ancestoral homeland by the foreign Jews occupying Palestine. Last year, Israeli Holocaust museum Yad Vashem had fired one of its guides, Itamar Shapira 29, for comparing Jewish Holocaust with Palestinian Nakba (The Catastrophe) in 1948.

Since 1990, over 80 movies and documentaries has been produced by Hollywood on Zionists’ narrative of the Holocaust including several porn movies. For example, Ari Libsker, the producer of the film Satlags: Holocaust and Pornography in Israel, said about his own childhood experience: “The first Holocaust pictures I saw, as the one who grew up here, were of naked women. We were in elementary school and I remember how embarraased we were”. The 60-minute documentary shows that Israeli genre, penned and published by Israeli Jews to demonized German and sell Zionists’ narrative of the Holocaust.

Andrea Dworkin in her book Israel: Whose Country Is It Anyway?, gives her personal experience in Israel: “You see pornography in mainstream magazines and advertising. It is mostly about the Holocaust. In it Jewish women are sexualized as Holocaust victims for Jewish men to masterbate over. Israeli women call it “Holocaust pornography”. The themes are fire, gas, trains, emaciation, death.”

Recently, little children at St. Hilary Primary School (Lanarkshire, UK) were made to suffer trauma by forcing them to be part of a Holocaust game in which their teacher told them that “they were to be taken away from their families”.

Interestingly, the Zionists’ narrative of Holocaust comes on the screen everytime there is US presidential election or Israel is planning to invade one of its Arab neighboring countries. Some of the readers may recall in 2000, Barbara Streisand telling Barbara Walters and Rosie O’Donnell that if Bush wins, we would have another Holocaust and Jews will be rounded up into concentration camps. In 2008, the leaders of both Democrat and Repulican parties were told by the Jewish Lobby that no matter who wins – he got to stop Iran’s nuclear program because Ahmadinejad intends to have another Holocaust of the Jewish people. Therefore, the White House tried its best to have a pro-West government in Tehran during and after June 2009 election in Islamic Republic of Iran. How the Zionists’ Holocuast narrative is used to justify the slaughter of Muslims? In 2001, Russian president Vladimir Putin tried to justify his genocide of Chechen Muslims in an interview with Jew-owned Newsweek magazine: “The Chechen leaders publically called for the extermination of Jews”. Now, Chechnya doesn’t have Jewish community while Iran does have a 30,000-strong Jewish community.

In 2006, British prime minister Tony Blair made a routine pompous suggestion to Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad: “Visit the camps and see for yourself”. Ahmadinejad replied: “Good idea. I will bring a scientific team. He knows about the forensic issues too”. Ironically, Tony Blair’s bluff did not work as under Holocaust industry pressure, Polish foreign minister Stefan Meller, remarked: “These people (Iranian delegate) who deny that people were murdered in gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau would not set foot in Poland,” reported by The Jerusalem Post, February 17, 2006.


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