Nukes – Hoax and Reality

Since Tehran announced last week that it has the capability to enrich uranium to 20% grade – the western mainstream media and Zionist think tanks are hissing with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ concerning the Iranian announcement. The ZOG in France while refuses to abide-by its contractual obligations of an un-interrupted supply of enriched uranium to Iran’s medical reactor – has claimed that Iran doesn’t have such capability. On Monday, the director of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Ali-Akbar Salehi, announced that the US, France and Russia have made a new offer for Iran’s nuclear fuel swap. However, the Zionist media was quick to deny Salehi’s claim. I leave it to the readers who would they like to believe – the ones’ who claimed Iraq had WMDs in 2002 or the one who claim that its country doesn’t intend to produce a nuclear bomb – a claim supported by Russia, China, Turkey, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.?

According to Global Security Org., a Zionist propaganda website founded by John E. Pike in 2000 (after posting six posts with some truths about Israel and Iran – I was declared ‘undesired’ poster on its Discussion Forum) – the former NATO secretary general George Robertson had stated that Israel’s “friend no more” Turkey possesses 40-90 ‘Made in America’ nuclear weapons at US military base at Incirlik. Apprently, the website is making a pitch for the undeclared Israeli stockpile of kosher nuclear weapons (between 240-400).

Professor Michel Chossudovsky in his article Five Undeclared Nuclear Weapons States (February 12, 2010), wrote:

“Israel is identified as “undeclared nuclear state”. It produces and deploys nuclear war heads directed against military and civilian targets in the Middle East including Tehran.

There have been much hype, supported by scanty evidence, that Iran might at some future date become a nuclear weapon state. And, therefore, a pre-emptive defensive nuclear attack on Iran to annihilate its non-existent nuclear weapons program should be seriously contemplated to “make the world a safer place”. The mainstream media abounds with makeshift opion on the Iran nuclear threat.

While Iran’s nuclear weapon capabilities are unconfirmed, the nuclear weapon capabilities of the five “undeclared nuclear states (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey) including delivery procedures are formally acknowledged. These countries have been supplied with some 480 B61 thermonuclear bombs by the US – which are casually disregarded by the Vienna-based UN Nuclear Watchdog (IAEA). The US has actively contributed to the proliferation of nuclear weapons in Western Europe…..”

The Zionist entity which receives more than 46% of annual USAID to foreign countries – is world’s top GDP spender (4.5%) on its Research and Development projects. The American taxpayers are funding more than 20% of  Israel’s R & D projects. On top of it, it receives US$3 billion worth of annual military aid from Washington. In August 2007, Washington announced that it will give additional US$30 billion loan to Israel (which naturally will be paid by US taxpayers as usual), spread over next 10 years. To learn how much each of America’s 50 states would be contributing towards Israeli army to murder innocent Palestinian Muslims and Christians in the next ten year, click here. This money could have provided primary healthcare to over 30 million Americans.

On February 9, 2010 – the Intelligence Squared Forum held a debate in New York City (home to country’s largest Jewish population). The topic of discussion was “Should the US step-back from its special relationship with Israel?”. The result of a poll taken of the audience after the debate was – 49% in favour, 47% against and 4% undecided. Roger Cohen, The New York Times columnist in his speech in favour of “step-back” told the audience:

“What also makes the relationship special is incredible largess that United States shows toward Israel, over the past decade, US$28.9 billion in economic aid. And on top of that, another US$30 billion in military aid, that’s almost US$60 billion. That’s 10 times the GNP of Haiti that is being gifted to a small country. Now I ask you, to what end this money is being used. Ladies and Genrlemen, we would submit that its end often inimical to the American interest”.

Israeli daily Yedihot Ahronot recently asked the opinion of three former Israel Occupation Force (IOF) officials; professor Alexander Bligh (University of Notre Dam, USA), professor Moshe Maoz (Hebrew University, Israel) and Oren Shahor (Rabin’s chief negotiator with PLO) – How much damage Syrian army can inflict on Israel if Damascus decides to join Islamic Iran against a US-Israel attack? Alexander and Moshe admitted that “despite Syria’s relatively inferior military capabilities, we should not test its strength – because though Syria has more to loose Israel would sustain a significant damage as Israel’s anti-missile system cannot stop Syrian missile attack which can reach any city in Israel. Therefore, it’s necessary to take diplomatic steps to prevent such testing”. Oren, on the other hand, stressed that both side would not rush into a military conflict – adding that “Syrians will not dare clash with Israel – they’re not Hizb’Allah”.

Israel’s paranoid Jewish-extremist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is in Moscow on a two-day visit – is begging Russia to join Israel’s “Crippling Sanctions” against Islamic Iran for the country’s refusal to dismantle its nuclear program.


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