Ahmadinejad: ‘Iran doesnt need nukes to defend itself’

During a recent interview to Russian newspaper, VIP, Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad said: “Did nuclear weapons stop the collapse of the USSR? Did the nuclear weapons help the United States in Iraq or Afghanistan? The Zionist regime, even with the nuclear weapons, was unable to win the Second Lebanon War or succeed in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza”.

Interestingly, while the White House dismissed on Thursday Iranian claim that it can enrich uranium from 3.5 to 20% locally – Hillary Clinton left for Qatar and Saudi Arabia with the intention to build a case for the crippling sanctions (demanded by Benjamin Netanyahu during his meeting with Barack Obama in the White House a few months ago) against Iran. Obama administration is also despatching more diplomats to Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt to enlist their support for the new sanctions against Tehran in case Washington cannot get the UN on board. Two out of the five veto-powers in the UN Security Council, Chinese and Russian governments, still seem reluctant to toe-in to Tel-Aviv-Washington agenda against Iran. The ZOGs leaders of Britain, France, Germany and EU are threatening Tehran with the new sanctions on daily basis. Contrary to that, Finland’s foreign minister Alexander Stubb told a press conference in Ottawa (Canada) after meeting with the Canadian foreign minister that his governament supports a multi-party “diplomatic dialogue” with Iran over its nuclear program.

In the US, no new nuclear power-generating plant has been built since the meltdown of the Three Mile Island structure in 1979. But, lately, things are changing under nuclear lobby. Barack Obana has called for new “safe, clean nuclear power plants” and has just sent a budget request for another US$54 billion on top of the US$18 billion passed under Dubya Bush administration.

A Christian member of Lebanese parliament, Marwan Fares, on Friday called Islamic Iran “the most advanced country in the Middle East, idustrially, economically and scientifically. “Iran strengthened the will of the Syrian and Lebanese nations in their confrontation with the colonialists and we should confess that the victory of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and the epical armed forces of the Zionist regime by popular forces, as well as the miraculous resistance of the Palestinians in Gaza have all been materialized under the influence of the Iran’s great Islamic Revolution”.

The US Chairmen of Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, currently visiting Israel told journalists on Sunday: “The outbreak of a conflict (USraeli attack on Islamic Iran) will be a big, big, big problem for all of us, and I worry a great deal about the unintended consequences of a strike.” Former Israeli military Chief of Staff Gen. Dan Halutz told Channel 2 on Saturday that Israel lacks the military mean to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities with the full military support of the US.

No matter how much the Middle Easterners try to prove that they have no intention of driving the 4.5 million foereign Jews occupying an Arab country into the Sea or “wipe Israel off the map” – the Israelis cannot stop their evil agenda of planning new wars and the assassinations of Arab leaders. On February 13, 2010, Timesonline published Sheera Frenkel’s report from Jerusalem in which she pointed out how Israel is waging covert assassination campaign across the Middle East. According to her report, Israeli agents are targeting meetings between members of Hamas and leadership of  Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizb’Allah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. She also pointed out that Mossad could be behind the recent murders of Iranian officials, the Plaestinian and Lebanese resistance groups in Damascus, Dubai and Beirut.

The so-called “American experts on the Middle East” are always available to serve Israeli agenda if the price is right. One of the latest jokes is the the Op-Ed written by Adam B. Lowther, a defense analyst at the Maxwell Air Force Base (Ala.), for the New York Times (February 8, 2010) under the heading “Iran’s Two-Edged Bomb. Adam believes that a nuclear Iran would be a very good thing for the US because it would not only destroy “Sunni Al-Qaeda” but also make the paranoid Arab rulers run to Washington for a Middle East nuclear umbrella. As far as Israeli nightmare of a nuclear Iran – Adam believe that Palestinians also fear a nuclear Iran because in case Iran uses nuclear arsenal against Israel’s nuclear attack – it will devastate them as well. This Iranian fear will force them to negotiate a peace with Israel on Israeli terms. And finally, a nuclear Iran could be a final nail in the coffin of OPEC, resulting increased petroleum production and cheaper gasoline at the pump, thus Americans saving billions of dollars. And finally, Sunni Arab rulers being scared of a Shia nuclear Iran – would increased their current military hardware shopping – “giving the American defense industry a needed shot in the arm”.

Personally, I like Adam’s idea of killing four birds with one stone!


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