Israeli or Jewish War on Islamic Iran

Michael Schneider, secretary general of World Jewish Congress (WJC) in a statement published on WJC’s website on January 5, 2010, said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Israel) has requested that Jewish “working groups should examine different ways to meet Iranian incursion into Latin America and its rising influence on that Continent – and make recommendations how to combat that danger”.

On December 1, 2009 – Gilad Atzmon, an Israel-born British Jewish citizen – wrote an article, titled Hasbara Author vs Iran\’s Bomb, in which he exposed Jewish Chronicle’s (the mouthpiece of British Jewish Lobby) columinst David Aaronovitch for repeating the same lies against Tehran which he voiced against Saddam Hussein. The Jewish Chronicle contacted several webmasters in an attempt to bully them into taking down Gilad’s article.

In spite of the demand of Jewish leaders for the US and its allies to impose immediate economic sanctions against Islamic Iran at the end of their conference in January 2010 – Russian Boss Vladimir Putin, pledged on January 26, 2010 to complete Iran’s 1000 mW Bushehr nuclear plant in time.

In defiance to ZOGs in Washington, London, Paris and Bonn – Ahmadinejan recently announced Tehran’s plan to construct ten new Uranium enrichment facilities as part of Iran’s nuclear program for civilian purpose. These new facilities, most probably will be built with the help of Russia and China. Both Russia and China, for their own nationsl interest based on economic and strong alliance against the US in the Middle East – are opposing new sanctions against Tehran. A few days ago, Iran successfully launched a home-made satellite rocket – which the a White House spokesperson speaking on behalf of the Jewish Lobby – termed another proof that Iran is going in the direction to “develop nuclear and ballistic weapons” – which the idiot wanted the world to believe Israel and its western poodles don’t have! On the diplomatic front – Ahmadinejad announced on February 2 that his government is ready to ship its Uranium stock abroad for enrichment, as demanded by the UN as a compromise on Israeli fears – under the conditions that a reliable source could be found to assure interrupted supply of nuclear fuel for the operation of Iran’s nuclear isotope industry for the cancer treatment. However, the ZOGs of the US, France, Germany and UK have called Iran’s new proposal as “buying time” tactics.

On Thursday, Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi denounced Washington’s “psychological war” by scaring the hell out of its puppet Arab regimes of Iran’s new arms developments. He also made fun of Israel’s US-given Patriot missile by saying: “It’s not new for us. We were informed when they were installed including about their exact locations. Patriot missile could easily deactivated by using simple tactics”.

As a counter-balance to Zionist-dominated West – Ahmadinejad is not only cementing Iranian relations with two world’s emerging super-powers (Russia and China) but also have succeeded in building close relationships, based on mutual interests, with several Latin American countries especially with Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil and Cuba. Furthermore, last month’s inauguration of Iran-Turkmenistan pipeline linking Iran with China and Russia which would pass through south Asian oil-rich Caspian Sea – is no doubt going to eastablish Iran as a significant economic factor in Eurasia region.

Barack Obama’s foreign policy adviser, Zbigniew Brezezinski (a Jew) is the first one in Obama administration to realize the danger of Iran’s title towards Russia and China as a great stumbling block to Washington’s future domination of that part of the world. He has advised Obama to do whatever he could to bring Islamic Iran on Washington’s side. In his opinion: “Iran could be a valuable asset to be played against Russia and China”. In his article ‘From Hope to Audacity’, published in January/February issue of the Foreign Affairs, the mouthpiece of Jewish-controlled world’s most powerful think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). In the article he further stressed:

1. Islam is not an enemy, and the “global war on terror” does not define the United States’ current role in the world.

2. The US should be a fair-minded and assertive mediator between Israel and Palestinians to achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East.

3. United States ought to pursue serious negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, as well as other issues.

4. The counterinsurgency in Taliban-controlled part of Afghanistan should be part of a larger political undertaking rather than predominantly military one.


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