Religious hatred in Israel

On December 30, 2009 – Rev. Ted Pike posted an article, titled Israel’s Increasing Anti-Christianity on National Prayer Network. The contents of the article relating to the insulting portrayal of prophet Jesus, Holy Mary and rest of the Charistian symbols are true and I am not going to contradict them or apologize for the fact that Jewish Talmud contains the message of prophet Moses (as). Historically, Talmud (written over a century after the disappearance of Jesus) is as much corrupted as the Old Testament and the New Testament. They were all written by interested people, who did not attend sermons given by either Moses (as) or Jesus (as).

Rev. Ted Pike asserts that as result of the Crusades (Frankish barbaric wars), both European Christian and Arab Muslim combatants “reached a compromise” which allowed the Jews, Christians and Muslims the freedom to worship for “nearly a millennium”. Unfortunately, Ted Pike is ignoring the historical fact that in 1099 CE all 70,000 Muslims including 5000 Jewish inhabitants of Jerusalem were massacred by the invading Crusaders. Between 1099-1187, no Muslim or Jew lived in Jerusalem. It was in 1187 CE when Sultan Salahuddin (1138-1193) recaptured Jerusalem after giving a crushing defeat to the European Christian occupiers of Jerusalem. According to Jewish Virtual Library – it was Sultan Salahhudin who “granted permission to Jews to re-enter Jerusalem”.

What Ted Pike also ignored, is that – since capturing Jerusalem without a fight in 638 CE – Muslim rulers gave both their Christian and Jewish subjects the religious freedom. Both Christian and Jewish communities had their own religious courts to resolve their family and religious affairs. According to Dr. Karen Armstrong, the commander of Arab army, Omar bin Khattab, after taking the keys of the city from the Archbishop, searched for the ruins of Temple of Mount, which he found being used as city garbage dump – cleaned it with his own hands and handed-over the site to the Chief Rabbi, who in gratitude, proclaimed him as the “Promised Messiah”.

Ted Pike wrote: “With the return of Jews to Israel (occupied Palestine) in the 20th century, a different mentality emerged, one shared by Christian evangelists. The Jews returned to a land they considered entirely and unconditionally theirs – a land in which Jewish worship, customs and laws enjoyed a Biblical right to predominate. Now Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox rabbinical authorities in Israel increasingly assert that Israel has actually the right to exclude Christians and Muslims from full participation of religious life of the nation”.

“Unlike in America, there is no separation of synagogue and state in Israel (Ted Pike is ignoring the fact that America, too, is ruled by the Jewish and Christian Zionists). And, unlike in America, which was founded largely on respect for the Bible (in other words Ted Pike, too, believes that the murder of 100-160 million Native Americans by the European Judo-Christian settlers – was commanded by the Biblical God), Orthodoxy in Israel is established squarely on literal interpretations of the teachings of ancient Pharisees……”

Rev. Ted Pike quote Israeli professor Israel Shahak to prove how it’s customery among the religious Jews to spit on the Cross and even on the faces of priests in Israel.

Rev. Ted Pike has long been waging a crusade against Israeli lobby groups such as Anti-Defamation Leaque (ADL) and Christian Zionists for playing mid-wife to the Hate Law and for attacking Christian Bible and Christian moral values. On December 12, 2007 – Ted Pike wrote: “As politicians and opinion-makers drumbeat our nation toward war with Iran, the world should understand what Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad actually believes….. For too long, Americans have listened only to the war cries against Iran by Israel, a nation which possesses at least 200 nuclear warheads and doesn’t celebrate but denigrate Jesus. Israel outlaws most Christian evangelism and discriminate against His message and followers. ” However, when it comes to Zionists’ defamation of Islam and Muslims – Ted Pike wants Christian activists fighting Jewish lobby groups to stay away from criticizing Israel in support of Muslims – fearing any such support would be damaging to the campaign against Hate Law. Ted Pike was very upset at Mark Glenn and Chuck Carleson (both Christians) joining the “No More Wars For Israel” conference in Baltimore with Hesham Tillawi PhD (a US-Palestinian Muslim), saying: “They have given the Jewish spy agency ADL, all the ammo they need to destroy our movement.”

Holy Qur’an reverend all Biblical prophets. Unlike Bible, Holy Qur’an says that none of those prophets was involved in adultery, lying, racism, lose talk, or commanding his followers to kill innocent people or proclaiming to have powers of the Creator. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)called both Moses and Jesus as “his cousins”. He even told his followers to observe two days of fasting in gratitude to Allah for the deliverence of Israelites from Egyptian captivity (Yom Kapur). Prophet Jesus’ mother is one of the four ladies blessed by Allah in Holy Qur’an (see video at the end). She is the only female, for whom an entire Chapter (Surah) of Holy Qur’an is dedicated (Surah Mariam).


One response to “Religious hatred in Israel

  1. Rehmat,

    excellent piece, as usual. Ted Pike means well, but unfortunately like many in the so called ‘Christian West” he has accepted certain fallacies as fact and particularly those dealing with Islam. As a Christian I can state without reservation that the only hope Christian civilization has of being rescued from eventual destruction by Jewish interests is by allying itself with the Muslim world.

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