Israel’s deadliest weapon

“Anti-Semitism”, properly and narrowly speaking, doesn’t mean hatred of Semites; that is to confuse etymology with definition. It means hatred of Jews. But, here, immediately, we come up against the venerable shell-game of Jewish identity: “Look! We are a religion!” No! a race! No! a cultural identity! Sorry a religion!” When we tire of this game, we get suckered into another: “Anti-Zionism is anti-semitism!” quickly, alternates with: “Don’t confuse Zionism with Judaism! How dare you, you anti-semite!” – Professor Michael Neumann (Trent University, Ontario) in What is Antisemitism?

“Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel then we bring up the holocaust. When in this country US) people are criticizing Israel then they are antisemitic. And the organization (Israel Lobby) is very strong and has lot of money. And the ties between Israel and American -Jewish establishment are very strong – and they are strong in this country as you know. And they have power which is ok.” – Former Israeli cabinet minister, Shulamit Aloni (born 1928), during her August 14, 2002 interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

Hatred toward Jews (aka anti-semitism) have existed since the birth of Christianity, over 2000 years ago. Jewish communities have a long history of persecution and expulsion in almost every western country. However, the term has not been used as a political too by the Zionist world until the 1967 war. After Israel’s humiliating military setback against Lebanese Islamic Resistance group Hizbollah in 2006 and Israel’s deminishing PR abroad and after the 23-day genocide of Gaza people during Dec.-Jan. 2009 – have made the Jewish lobby groups and pro-Israel governments in the US, France, Canada and Germany very nervous. In their desperation they have geared up the false accusation of anti-semitism as a weapon to silence the criticism of Israel’s Nazi behaviour.

Ulli Diemer on his blog Radical Digressions wrote on December 27, 2009:

“Israel and its supporters see these international (anti-Israel) campaigns as huge threat. Israel has escaped the sanctions that have been applied to other states which commit human rights abuses and violate international law only because the United States automatically vetoes all attempts to hold Israel accountable. Israel is also crucially dependent on huge inflow of foreign aid, to the point where it is conceivable that the state would collapse if the flows of outside cash which prop it up were to be withdrawn. Anything that undermines public support in the US, Canada and Europe, therefore, threatens the external backing on which the Israel state depends for its very existence. In this regard, what is particular worrisome from Israel’s point of view is the fact that support for Israel among Jews in United states and Canada, especially among younger Jews, has declined dramatically. If Jews stop supporting Israel, then all foreign support is in jeopardy.

In Canada, we are now seeing an attempt to silence criticism of Israel by labelling all such criticism as ‘anti-Semitism’ and therefore as hate speech. This tactic has a tripple purpose: to suppress public awareness of what Israel is doing; to discredit critics by smearing them ‘anti-semitic’, and to keep Jews onside by frightening them with the specre of anti-semitism. In Canada, the Harper government, fanatically pro-Israel, is fully involved in this effort……”


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