Bibi: Hezbollah is Lebanon’s real army


On Monday, the paranoid Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) scared the hell out of  the Knesset’s foreign affairs and defence committee by announcing: “Today Hizbollah is the real Lebanese army, and it has replaced the actual Lebanese army as a major force that is arming itself and training like any other army….” Interestingly, the paranoid Zionist Jew did have the moral to tell his audience that both Hizb’Allah and Lebanese army are over 100 year behind when it comes to the most sophiscated and deadly arms the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) posseses thanks to the US, German and French help – beside Zionist entity being the only nuclear power in the region, which has invaded all its neighboring countries and have threatened to nuke their capital cities.

On December 3, 2009 – Nicole Shampaine, director of US State Department’s Near East Affairs said: “There is no obstacle to cooperation with any official in the Lebanese unity government with the exception of Hezbollah.” Well dude, too bad for your Israeli masters – Hizb’Allah is part and parcel of the current Lebanese government.

Since the formation of the Unity Government, most Lebanese seem optimist that finally the government of prime minister Saad Hariri would spend more time solving Lebanon’s chronic internal problems rather than playing a proxy for the foreign powers. Even some of the foreign powers(Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, France, EU and UN), which used Lebanon as a football ground against the Islamic resistance – showed their approval of the Unity government. However, Washington, Tel Aviv and Ottawa, as expected, did not send their blessings – especially since Hizbollah holds the key ministry of foreign affairs.

Franklin Lamb PhD, in his latest article, titled A Christmas Guide to Washington\’s new Lebanon policy, Checking that list and checking it twice! wrote: “For its part, Israel (Christmas Grinches) predictably served up its usual fare of dire threats since the new Cabinet’s Policy Statement recognizing the necessity of Hezbollah’s arms as a deterrent against Israeli attack on Lebanon. Though its lobby outlets Israel has been threatening that “the adoption of resistance scheme by the Lebanese government and the major influence of Hezbollah in the Lebanese political scene means that Lebanon has declared that it is responsible for any attack by Hezbollah, and that acting against Lebanon will be easier for the army to win a battle against a state than to win it against a terrorist organization”.


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