Israel: World’s 4th most dangerous country

YES – the western mainstream media owned by six Jew families have been brainwashing the world for decades that Muslim world is the most dangerous place to live or deal with. Well, they’re liars and I can prove it.

The third eddition of Global Peace Index findings for the year 2009 – has put Israel as the least peaceful country (ranked 141) followed by only three other countries – two occupied by the United States: Iraq (144) and Afghanistan(143) and brought to anarchy by the western powers, Somalia (142). Muslim countries like Qarar (16), Oman (21), Malaysia (26), Kwait (42), Tunisia (44), Libya (46), Bosnia- Herzegovina (50), Egypt (54), etc. even got better ratings than United States (83)!!

New Zealand (1) was declared the most peaceful country to live in – followed by Denmark (2) and Norway (2). My homeland, Canada (8) did not do bad either!

YES, I know, since the GPi gave better ratings to Islamic Iran (99), Suadi Arabia (104), Turkey (121), and Pakistan (137) than Israel (141) – and like the Goldstone Report, it must be considered an “anti-Semite” and the US Congress must censor it.

The GPi (established in 1997) analysed 140 countries for the ranking. GPi was founded by Steve Killelea, an Australian international technology entreptreneur and philanthropist. The GPi is endorsed by Jimmy Carter, Bishop Tutu, Dalai Lama, Huhammad Yunus (2006 Nobel Prize winner), and former president of Finland, Martti Ahtissari.

Killelea explains that the U.S.’s spot in the bottom half of the list is due to both internal and external factors, which are weighted 60% and 40%, respectively, for all countries. “The main thing that drags the U.S. down is its high percentage of citizens in jail, high homicide rate compared to other Western nations, and the high availability of guns in the nation. Statistics show that the availability of guns has a direct relationship to levels of crime,” he says. The U.S.’s engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq and its general military engagement globally also pull it down, he says.

After studying the ranking – Jews outside Palestine may consider visiting Lebanon, Iran and Bosnia next time – because those Muslim countries are much safer places than the Zionist entity.


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