Iran toughens its war on drug-trafficking

Tehran has decided to establish ten new border check-posts on its Afghan border to control drug-trafficking. Iran is major victim of the flourishing drug trade in neighboring Afghanistan under American occupation. The drug-control under Taliban rule was one of the major reason for the Israel Lobby to push for the regime-change in Kabul. Since 2002, the poppy-harvesting – according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, has increased from 187 ton during the last years of Taliban rule to 7,000 ton under US occupation in 2007.

Americans and NATO forces are not there to control the drug-trafficking but to protect it through its Afghan warlord allies. There is virtually no Afghan border police in Helmand province, where most of the drugs are being trafficked. Iran has already invested over US$500 million in building schools, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure destroyed by US-British-NATO bombing.

How much this Muslim nation of 34 million has suffered economically at the hands of the western colonists can be gauged by a study done by Greg Bruno for the most powerful Zionist think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in which he wrote:

“In the 1960s and early 1970s, Afghan farmers produced abundant careals, fruits, vegetables and meat for domestic consumption and export. Cut flowers were sold throughout the Middle East and Europe, grapes graced the tables of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and 20% of world’s raisins were Afghan grown, the Aghan agriculture ministry estimates. Domestic crop production also climbed in pre-Soviet years. Yet today, food production in Afghanistan suffers from poor management, inadequate investment, and decimated infrastructure. 75% of 34 million Afghans live in rural region where agriculture is the principal livelihood, the US Development Agency, USAID, estimates that over six million Afghans chronically lack enough food to eat….”

On December 4, 2009 – the Israel Hasbara mouthpiece, The Huffington Post, reposted its May 7, 2009 news item – whining about Iran’s Islamic penal code, under which, “murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping and drug trafficking are all punishable with death………  Iran has excuted more than 90 people this year according to media report.” Now, how could a ‘western civilized person’ especially living in Israel can tolerate such cruel Islamic punishments for such common crimes!!

In reality, death penality has been carried out usually in the proven cases of treason against Islamic Revolution (1979) and drug-trafficking at the high levels. The death penality in other mentioned crimes is rarely carried out as confirmed by Iranian president Dr. ahmadinejad during his speech at Columbia University in 2007.

One can understand the Zionists’ propaganda lies about Iran, if one just read an article published recently byAmerica’s oldest Jewish newspaper, FORWARD, which lays out the criminal syndicate that is Israel and how any Jew anywhere, convicted of multiple murders (Russian Leonid Nevzlin for example) can not only flee there and be safe, but even be invited to the White House later. Israelis involved in drug-trafficking have been caught as far away as Japan and Venezuela. Israel Occupation Force (IOF) also uses drug-trafficking as part of its espionage network as admitted by General David Agmanon on Israel Radio last month.


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