“Wiped Off the Map”

No, I am not going to waste my time on Israeli MEMRI’s mistranslation of Dr. Ahmadinejad’s speech in which he was misquoted calling for “Wiped Israel Off the Map” – though the truth is that the only country which has been “Wiped Off the Map” in modern times – is the 5000-year-old Palestine, since 1948.

Actually this post is about the documentary film released by the Free Gaza Movement (watch it at the end of this post) which shows the horrible effects of the Zionist entity’s 23-day-long genocidal attack on Gazzah Strip inhabited by 1.5 million Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

This often quoted Zionist hoax could have made a lively addition to Melissa Katsoulis’ book Telling Tales: A History of Literary Hoaxes, in which she proves how many of the famous Holocaust narrative turned out be hoaxes.


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