War Crimes Conference

Last month (October 28-31), Kaula Lumpur (Malaysia) played host to the conference on War Crimes – sponsored by KLFCW. The conference was attended by lawyers, peace activists and some of the victims of the war including British MP George Galloway, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, former UN assistant secretary general Denis Haliday and Canadian professor Michael Chossudovsky. The keynote speaker was former prime minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad 84 – who on January 10, 2009 said in an interview: “The United Nations must be told to set up a war crime tribunal against the Israeli government for its ‘primitive killing’ of Palestinians”.

Dr. Mahathir in his speech said: “During the Cold War years the US and USSR build up huge arsenals of nuclear warheads. Between them there are more than 20,000 nuclear warheads sufficient to destroy the whole world many times over. China, France and Britain also have huge arsenals of nuclear weapons. Japan and Germany are not allowed to posses nuclear weapons. But Israel, India and Pakistan have nuclear capabilities.”

George Galloway in his address (video at the end of this post) spoke about his humanitarian mission to Gazzah (for which, later, he was denied entry into Canada). He said that he is planning to take another convoy of 500 vehicles through Europe to Gazzah. “The need to do this is because of the silence and red carpet treatment given to Israelis whilst their victims are called terrorists……. Israelis used illegal weapons and destroyed the economy of Lebanon and the schools and infrastructure of Lebanon but were met with the tough resistance of Hizb’Allah…… Iraq was destroyed and a million Iraqis were killed, and three million Iraqi refugees – the luck ones are here in Malaysia and the unlucky ones on the streets of Jordan. However, inspite of this they failed to break Iraq. The resistance will continue until victory……. Those states including Britain which posses weapons of mass destruction, sit on the UN Security Council and dictate their will. There is no evidence that Iran is planning to produce any nuclear weapons, as confirmed by the IAEA, is under threat of sanctions, but Israel which possesses nuclear weapons is not threatened with any sanctions…… Iraq was invaded because it did not have nuclear weapons but North Korea will never be invaded because it has nuclear weapons. This proves that one should obtain weapons of mass destruction if one doesn’t want to be invaded by the hypocrites and war criminals…..”

Cynthia McKinney was the only member of US Congress who raised the question about Bush administration’s pre-knowlege of 9/11 events. For her ‘politically wrong’ question, she was hounded by the Israel Lobby. She in her speech (watch the video below) said: “While a great many Americans go hungry and without health care or housing, trillions of dollars are being spent on war. President Obama is continuing the war crime started by George Bush. If we had true democracy in the US, then we would not have war…..”


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