Ayrilik (Farewell) Israel

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not give Bibi much time to enjoy his victory at the UN in blocking the debate on  Gladstone’s anti-Semitic report. On October 11, Ankara barred Israel from joining NATO-sponsored US-Israel-Turkey-Italy joint Air Force excersises in Turkey. In protest, both ZOGs in the US and Italy refused to attend the drill and as the result – NATO postponed the drill. To add salt to this insult, Turkish TV Channel TRT 1 aired Ayrilik (Farewell), a prime time show the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) soldiers as sadists who murder Palestinian children with deliberate premeditation.

One scene shows a soldier approaching a Palestinian girl as she stands with her back against a wall in an alley of what looks like a West Bank city. The actor playing the soldier slowly raises his gun, looks intently at the innocently smiling girl, and then shoots her in the chest from just metres away.

Another scene shows Israeli soldiers killing a baby at a roadblock. Yet another shows a bullet in slow motion chasing a small boy fleeing as soldiers disperse a demonstration with live ammunition. The bullet then hits him in the back, and he falls to the ground.

Irritated Israeli racist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that “broadcasting this series is incitement of the most severe kind, and it is done under government sponsorship. Such a drama series, which doesn’t even have the slightest link to reality and which presents Israeli soldiers as murderers of innocent children, isn’t worthy of being broadcast even by enemy states and certainly not in a (Muslim) state which has full diplomatic relations with Israel.”

Israeli propaganda against its former closest Muslim ally is in full gear as result of Turkey’s booming economy, and country being accepted as ‘one of them’ by the Muslim world under Erdogan’s six-year governance. As expected, the Zionists have stoop to their usual game of ‘anti-Semitism’. Though recognizing that Erdogan himself is not an anti-Semite (he is reciepant of ADL’s highest award as ‘friend of Jews’) – the leader of Turkey’s 27,000-strong Jewish community, Sylvio Ovadya, recently asked Turkish president Abdullah Gul to make anti-Semitism a crime (sort of the Hate Law in the US and EU countries to protect Israeli interests).

Joshua W. Walker, a Fellow at the powerful Zionist think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), writing for the Foreign Policy magazine under the heading “What’s the matter with Turkey?”, played the usual ‘Islamophobe card”:

“The consolidation of AKP’s political power has eliminated many of the traditional fault-lines in Turkey’s perennial Kulturkampf. Few Turkey watchers would have ever believed that the military establishment and an Islamist-rooted political party could make common cause. Yet, the AKP is now riding a wave of popular sentiment that accommodates a previously irreconcilable mix of religious and secular nationalism. Oddly, Turkey has become more European, more democratic, more Islamic, and increasingly more nationalist simultaneously. In this complex political environment, the AKP has resorted to the lowest common denominators of economic and political populism to ensure its appeal among a large swath of the Turkish electorate that is angry at the EU, the United States, and Israel.”

Many Turk-watchers believe that since the signing of Turkey-Armeniean protocol – Turkey doesn’t need American Jewish Lobby’s support to shield it in the Congress from the alleged Armenian Genocide – carried out by the Crypto and Zionist Jews.


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  1. “Very few World Leaders have the guts to oppose the Zionist spin operation. Recently we have witnessed the courageous Iranian Mahmud Ahmadinejad, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan. This is not a lot considering the level of colossal atrocities committed by the Jewish state. However, it is better than nothing,” – Gilad Atzmon, October 15, 2009


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