Movie “Lebanon” – Israel’s Vietnam

Lebanon (see a short video at the end of the post) is the latest Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) movie – like the movie Tel Aviv, shown at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Lebanon movie is based on the real story of four Israel Occupation Force (IOF) soldiers hidding inside a US donated tank – which was sent to shell a Lebanese village – but got trapped behind the Syrian lines during 1982 invasion of Lebanon – worried more to survive than to shell the village civilians. The invasion ended with the masacre at the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila , expulsion of Fatah fighters including Yasar Arafat and occupation of Southern Lebanon, the source of Litani River, which was ‘jewel’ for which Ariel Sharon sold the war to Israeli public (later the Israeli press gave it the code name “Israel’s Vietnam”) – promising a “swift victory”. But that “victory” lie paved the ground for the emergence of Islamic Resistance, Hizb’Allah, a few year later. Hizb’Allah freedom-fighters waged a guerilla war for 18-year and forced the IOF to withdraw from most of Southern Lebanon in 2000 – then in 2006, HizbAllah gave a crushing military defeat in 34-day war in which 30,000 IOF soldeirs took part during the last days of the war.

Last week the movie Lebanon won the top prize at Venice International Film Festival. The film is produced by David Silber and is written and directed by Samuel Maoz (one of the four terrified IOF fully-armed thugs in the tank).

“The films (like Beaufort, Waltz with Bashir, etc.) are the continuation of the feeling that Israel is the victim in the Middle East conflict. They act as a salve against charges that we are war criminals,” Meir Schnitzer wrote in his review of the movie in Israel’s daily Ma’ariv.


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