Cyprus: The victim of western double standard

There are news that Russia is now willing to recognize Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) if Turkey agrees to recognize Ossetia and Abkhazia, which broke away from Georgia, as independent states. In a recent interview, Turkish-Cypriot leader, Mehmet Ali Talat, said: “Time is not in favour of a solution. How many attempts are we going to make, only to fail?” He blamed Russia and France, as UN veto-carrying members – “being baised in favour of Greek-Cypriots”.

Western colonists, especially the British, applied the doctrine of ‘divide and rule’ in the countries which they grabbed from Muslim rulers where both Muslim and non-Muslim communities lived in peace for most of the time. They divided the Muslim World into several small countries on ethnic, tribal and linguistic bases – pitting Muslim and non-Muslim communities against each other forever.

Cyprus, like other foreign occupied Muslim regions (Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Bosnia, etc.), is also a victim of the western double standard in which the ZOG United Nations prostitute for the colonial interests of the western powers – as it did in the cases of western invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. One of Canada’s finest war correspondents, Eric Margolis, wrote in April 2001: “Greece and Greek-Cypriots helped finance the Milosevic regime and busted NATO’s embargo of Yugoslavia while Britain and Canada repeatedly thwarted military action during the period when the Milosevic regime carried out the genocide of Bosnian Muslims. In April 1999, Eric Margolis, under title ‘Without Total Victory, NATO Faces Total Defeat’ wrote:

“If the Serbs are allowed to get away with the crimes against humanity in the Balkans, other regimes around the world will be tempted to follow their bloodthirsty example. India may drive the Muslim majority from strife-torn Kashmir, Israeli right-wingers could make good on threats to expel Palestinians from the West Bank into the Jordanian desert, Indonesia to ‘cleanse’ Timor, Russia to complete its savage repression of Chechnya, where it already have slaughtered 100,000 Muslim civilians in recent years, and Turkey to adopt a Serb-style solution to its Kurdish problem, or drive the Greeks from Cyprus”.

Both Greece and Cyprus are members of the EU, which regards Turkish Muslim part of Cyprus as a “foreign occupied” land. Kemalist Turks’ desire to become a member of EU has been refused for the last two decades by the European leaders, who have called the EU “a Christian Club”. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is only recognized by Turkey, which represents its diplomatic interests around the world. TRNC has only ‘observer’ status at the Organization of Islamic Conference (IOC).

Ottoman Muslims captured Athens in 1458 CE – and ruled most part of Greece until 1821 CE. Muslim armies captured Cyrus in 1571 CE. Ottoman rule lasted till 1878 CE – after which Britain took over. When Ottoman sided with Germany in WW I – the British annexed Cyprus in 1925 and governed it as its Crown colony till 1960 – when the Turkish-Cypriot and Greek-Cypriot communities declared the island as independent Republic of Cyprus, guaranteed by Britain, Greece and Turkey. In 1963, communal riots erupted due to disparity between the Greek and Turk communities. In 1974, Greek military officers carried a millitary coup against Archbishop Makarios’ government in their effort to unite the island with Greece. In order to protect the Turkish-Cyprus communities – Turk forces landed on the island and under their patronage, the Turk-Cyprus communities declared an independent Turkish Federated State of Cyprus. In 1983 – the name was changed to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). In 2003 borders between the Greek-Cypriot entity in the South and  the Turkish-Cypriot entity in the North of Cyprus were opened to both communities. In 2004, a referendum on uniting the island under UN sponsorship, was accepted by the Turkish-Cyriots but rejected by the Greek-Cypriots.

Muslim Arabs conquered Cyprus during Caliph Usman in 649. In Islamic history the island was known as Qubris. In Cyprus, like  Greece, India, Spain, Balakans, etc. – Muslim tolerance toward non-Muslims kept them in minority even after centuries of their rule. By 1974 – Muslims made only 18% of the total population of Cyprus.


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