Throw the moneychangers from the Temple –

The title of my post is taken from the Bible (Luke 19:45; Matthew 21:12; Mark 11:15, and John 2:13), in which Jesus is said to throw the Jews involved in money lending out of the temple.

In the West, Jewish elites have always been identified with the moneychangers (bankers, money-lenders, etc.). Even today, the hub of world’s financial imperialism, the Wall Street, is JEWISH. According to Joseph Aaron and Bill Van Auken – two Jewish editors, who admit: “When it’s good for Jews, it rarely good for any one else”. William Shakespeare’s novel the Merchant of Venice, though acclaimed as the ‘Jewel of English Literature’ – now has been projected as “Anti-Semitic” literature by the pro-Israel Jewish Lobby for portraying the Jews (moneychangers) in a negative way, though many book reviewers believe that it’s the Christians and not the Jews, who are the villains in the novel.

Under Islamic Law (Shari’ah) – all activities related with moneychangers (Usury or of profiteering from someone’s needs) is totally forbidden. In the begining, the Christian Church too considered it a heinous and immoral act. Karl Marx (Jewish founder of Communism) also considered Usury as: “It centralizes money wealth, where the means of production are disjointed. It doesn’t alter the modes of production but attaches itself to it as a parasite, and make it miserable. It sucks blood, kills its nerve and compel production to proceed under even more disheartening conditions (Leon, page 150)”. However, according to professor Israel Shahak, Jewish religious tradition stands in drastic opposition. The Talmudic Mishnah, for instance, proclaims: “Who is rich? One who enjoys his wealth.

The great majority of European Christians, who lived in acute poverty during the 13th and 14th centuries – hated both Jew and Christian moneylenders. Jaques Le Goff wrote: “The persecution and slaughter of Italian usurers, in particular in France during tha late thirteenth and fouteenth centuries, were phenomena as frequent and widespread as pogroms against the Jews, with one difference that the pogroms were prompted by religious motives as well as the hatred of wealthy moneylenders of a different faith”.

The Jewish blogger, John Kaminski, in his latest article, titled Jesus was a druid and that’s is the best part of him!, wrote:

“Well then….Calling Jesus a druid might seem like a cheap trick to some, but I only mean it as the highest praise. After all, the proof is possitive. At the first Council of Nicaea (325 CE), the Roman Emperor, Constantine approved the name HESUS KRISHNA for their composite psyop messiah savior to keep the people pacified. Some might use the word ‘secure’ but it would not be true. Constantine was British, Hesus was the Druidic divinity. There was no letter ‘J’ then. Slam dunk. Case closed. In one paragraph. Thank you.

It is not now, nor have ever been my intention to defame the character of Jesus. After all, he uttered the most important phrase of all the time, which renders us all in need of thanking him for doing it. Thank you, Jesus. And what is that pharase?




And we are too coward to follow this simple instruction. For 2000 years, we have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the most important social statement ever uttered, to anyone who wants peace and love to rule the world.

But wouldn’t you know, the only people who DON’T like this line … Well you must know. It’s that word you’re affraid to say, that word that never appears in the newspapers when you read stories about Bernie Madoff or far away bombing.

The Talmud has Jesus (either a.) hanging upside down in a bucket of feces for all eternity (or b.) being boiled in a vat of molten semen for, yes, eternity. Now, doesn’t that says a lot about the speaker?

Both Muhammad’s mother and his wife were Jewish. Imagine that.”

Editor’s note: John Kaminski’s last statement is based on an ‘Islamophobe’ Christian source (Alzog’s Universal Church History, 1902). The Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) parents, both Abdullah and Amina belonged to the tribe of prophet Ishmael (eldest son of prophet Abraham) – which doesn’t make either of them Israelite or Jewish (from the tribe of Judah). The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had TWO Jewish (Safiyya bint Huyayy, 17-year-old widowed daughter of the chief of Jewish tribe of Banu Nadir, Huyayy ibn Akhtab – and 20-year-old Juwayriyya bint al-Harith, daughter of al-Harith the chief of Jewish tribe of Banu Mustaliq) and ONE Egyptian Christian girl (Maria Al-Qibtiyya, who bore a son, Ibrahim) wives.

Prophet Jesus (as)and his mother Marriam (as) are the third most praised Biblical personalities after Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to call both prophet Moses (as) and Jesus (as) – “My cousins”.

Prophet Jesus mother Mary belonged to Israelite tribe of Levi (Luke 1:5). So Jesus was not a Jew (belonging to the tribe of Judah). Prophet John the Baptist (Yahya) was also from Levi tribe and was a cousin of Mary.


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