India’s nuclear “fizzle”

The Times of India – on September 22, 2009 reported that the former DRDO scientist K. Santhanam asking for an independent assessment of the yields of Pokhran II while hitting out India’s national security advisor MK Narayanan for douting his knowledge of the test. In his earlier interview on August 27, K. Santhanam described India’s 1998 test as a “fizzle”. He also took NSA to task by saying: “The NSA is barking on the wrong tree”. He also stressed that India need at least two more tests to be sure of its nuclear capability.

It would be interesting to know why a former high official of India’s nuclear department would dig out this ‘holy cow’ after 11 years? The reason is that the pro-nuclear hawks both in the ruling Congress Party and the Opposition, the Hindu extremist BJP wants the Indian government to ‘perfect’ country’s nuclear genie before it’s forced to sign any of the nuclear safeguard treaties under pressure from the US and other nuclear powers at UNSC. India besides Israel and Pakistan are the only nuclear countries which refuses to sign NPT.

The term “fizzle” in nuclear field describes when a nuclear test fails to meet the desired yield or fails short by 30% or more. The “yield” is the amount of energy produced (TNT) when a nuclear device is detonated. K. Santhanam put 1998 test yield at 15-20 kilotons (thousands on tons) as compared to the official 45 kilotons.

Interestingly, it was anti-Muslim extremist Hindu BJP which awarded the title of the “Father of the Indian bomb” to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, incharge of the Pokharan II test operation in 1998 and even helped him to becaome India’s President. Later BJP Hindu fantics called Abdul Kalam a “Muslim traitor” when he upheld the US-India Nuclear Deal (signed in March 2006 under Zionist Bush administration) as an answer to India’s need for Uranium. However, Dr. Kalam is back in BJP’s bed by calling New Delhi not to sign NPT.

P.K. Iyengar, former Chairman of India’s Atomic Commission, has claimed that the 1998 test was carried out in a haste on the orders of BJP prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, “in order to beat Pakistan to it”. According to Iyengar, in March 1998, two months before the Pokharan II test – the Indian intelligent agencies claimed that Pakistan is planning to test its nuclear arsenal. He exposed BJP’s Islamophobic mindset: “If Pakistan fires an explosion before India, what a common man in India have thought?”

Ramesh Thakur, a Canadian nuclear research analyst, wrote on September 8, 2009: “Doubts has been sown in public minds in India and in official policy circles in China and Pakistan about the reliability, robustness and resillience of India’s nuclear power status. These cannot be removed without further tests that are unambiguously successful in delivering the projected yields. Yet any such tests would bring down the wrath of the international community and wreck the hard-fought nuclear deal with the US – at a time when President Barack Obama has recommitted to the vision of a world free of nuclear weapons (a Zionist trap to kill Iranian nuclear ambitions for power-generation)…….And it would launch a fresh round in the endless cycle of arms race in the subcontinent, with blame falling largely, perhaps even solely, on India……”


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