NY 400 Festival

The same time when artists, academics, and anti-Zionist regime in Palestine were protesting against the showing the Israeli propaganda movie Tel Aviv at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) – New Yorkers were witnessing the NY 400 week-long festival – highlightening the past and present of several Jewish elite families in New York city. The Dutch government spent US$10 million on the celebration. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and the City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined the Dutch Crown Prince at the opening ceremony on September 13, 2009.

The history of the present-day city of New York began in 1609 when the Dutch colonists under the command of Henry Hudson landed on the shores, established a trading post, which was later named New Amsterdam in 1624. Later the city was taken-over in 1664 by another European colonists – the British.

During Mark Twain’s “Gilded Age (Industrial Revolution)” in 1890s – the city counted 400 rich Jewish families – which now has the largest Jewish population (1.4 million) in the world after Tel Aviv (2.5 million). The latest list of prominent “The New York City 400” – includes John Jacob Astors, Brooke Astor, David Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, John Rockefeller, John Rockefeller Jr., Theodore Rossevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Woody Allen, Herman Badillo, Mel Brooks, Rupert Murdoch, Ralph Lauren, Donald Trump, Tom Wolf and Russel Simmons. However, the famous writer and Palestinian activist, Professor Edward Said of Columbia University, could not make for the list.

Officially, 92% of Danish population including the royal family are members of Danish Church (Lutheran Protestants). Muslims are the second largest religious group (4% out of a total population of 16 millions) followed by Roman Catholic. However, due to the powerful pro-Israel Jewish Lobby, which controls the country’s mainstream press and the lawmakers – Netherland has become one of the most ‘Islamophobe’ society in Europe. It’s home to the daily, Jyllands-Posten, whose Jewish editor Flemming Rose published the notorious Cartoons. It’s also home to MP Geert Wilders 45, who produced anti-Qur’an movie ‘Fitna‘. When he was turned back at Heathrow Airport as he tried to defy a ban on entering Britain in February 2009 – he told the press that Britain is controlled by the Muslims. Another Dutch former MP, hailed by Zion press, is Somalia-born Ayan Hirsi Ali, the African look-alike of Canadian lesbian Muslim reformer, Irshad Manji. And another ‘Islamophobe’ was Theo Van Gogh who was stabbed to death on November 2, 2004 as result of his movie ‘Submission‘ – showing a Muslim woman in a see-through burqa, her body decorated with verses from Holy Qur’an. The script of the movie was written by the ‘Muslim reformer’, MP Hirsi Ali.

In order to address this Zionist created ‘Islamophobia’ – Danish Muslims have established Netherland Muslim Party (NMP) under the leadership of Henny Kreeft, who in a recent interview assured the Dutch that Muslim community has no intention of turning the country into some sort of an Iranian-style Islamic State. He said that Muslims just want to be respected by the Dutch majority for their religious beliefs and be given equal status. On April 30, 2009 – Mossad’s attempted a failed ‘false-flage’ operation, when a car ploughed into Queen’s Day parade that included Queen Beatrix and Dutch royal family – killing two and injuring another 14 onlookers.

Queen Beatrix attended a secret meeting of Zionist Bilderberg Group in Ottawa in June 2006. The other attendess included Henry Kissinger, Devid Rockefeller, NY Governor, and George Pataki. Canadian PM Stephen Harper attended the 2003 meeting of the group when he was the Opposition Leader.


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