Virgin Mary painting irks Zionists

Last week the National Federation of Israeli Journalist Union took down a series of paintings (like the one on the left) of Madonna-and-Child from its headquarters in Tel Aviv – because it reminded the Zionazi visitors of the face of a Palestinian female martyr (the suicide bomber). One of the artists, Galina Bleikh, said that she superimposed the faces of Palestinian female suicide bombers to raise the question: “How can a woman who comes to the world with the role of loving and giving life become a source of hatred and mudered?” Now, it’s useless to remind the self-denial idiot that millions of Israeli Jewish women are living inside houses built on the demolished homes of non-Jewish Palestinian Natives – or that Talmud and Jewish societies have been the most cruel toward its female population. Even the Jew males are required to say in daily prayers: “Thanks G-d for not making me a Gentile, a WOMAN or a Slave”.

The Zionist hordes always have suffered from guilty conscience. They’re vey allergic to being reminded of their sorded history of Nazi collaboration or  stabbing the US behind its back – the same power which have been feeding the parasite state since the 1950s. Zionists are aware of the fact that their entire ideology is based on myths, lies, and racism. That’s why they have created laws and organizations to make sure that people don’t talk about their criminal history.

The Zionists are always in the front line to protect the ‘freedom of speech’ as long as it doesn’t criticize Jews, Zionism or Israel. Be it anti-Christian movie (Da Vinci Code, The Ten, etc.) or the Cartoons mocking Christians or the Danish Cartoons insulting the Prophet of Islam (pbuh), anti-Islam movie Fitna or anti-Islam DVD Obsession. However, when it comes to criticism of Zionist entity, Zionism or Judaism – the same champions of ‘freedom of speech’ have the habit of kicking their bottoms and crying on top of their voives: “Anti-Semitism, Anti-Semitis!!” The world saw it after French scholar, Roger Garaudy published his book The Founding Myths of Israel; release of Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of Christ; publication of Dr. Norman Finkelstein’s book ‘The Holocaust Industry’; publication of Mearsheimer and Walt (both Jewish writers) book ‘The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy’; publication of Jimmy Carter’s book Peace not Apartheid and the recent revelations of Israelis and Jews involved in human organ trafficking – are a few examples of how the Zionist creeps become paranoid when they face the truth.


2 responses to “Virgin Mary painting irks Zionists

  1. I don’t think Mearsheimer and Walt are Jewish.

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