The “Crippling sanctions” against Iran

“In Israel, a country stolen from the Palestinians, fanatics control the government. One of the fanatics is the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” – Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of US Treasury.

“Zionism is best described as an abnormal nationalism. This singular fact has engendered a history of deepening conflicts between Israel-leading an alliance of Western states – and the Islamicate more generally…” – Professor M. Shahid Alam in ‘Zionism: An Abnormal Nationalism‘.

Last week after his talks with German Zionist Chancellor Angela Markel – the fanatic prime minister of the Zionist entity, Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) called for “crippling sanctions” against Iran to halt the country’s nuclear program. The Jewish radical suggested that even if Russia and China prevent the UN Security Council from approving tougher sanctions against Tehran – a “coalition of the willing (the US, Germany, France, Britain, Australia, etc.)” could enact its own measures.

Zionist think tanks lead by the Jewish-controlled Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) are already paving the ground for Washington to lead Bibi’s “coalition of willings” and send American soldiers to die for Israel – the only nuclear power in the region. On September 2, 2009 – its publication carried an interview, titled ‘No Sign of Iranian Flexibility’ with a Zionist “expert on nuclear policy”, George Parkovich, at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (quite an attractive name for a pro-Israel organization!!). The interview put the entire blame on Iranian door for not listening to the UN, IAEA, or the international community regarding its nuclear program without mentioning even once that Iran may need a nuclear detterant to ward-off the only nuclear colonial bully in the Middle East with the history of invading all of its neighboring countries. Commenting on Washington’s position on “tougher sanctions against Iran” by the end of September 2009 – the “expert” recommeded that it’s very important to get approval of these “tougher sanctions” from UNSC primarily for political reasons:

“The nuclear issue in Iran is largely political. It has been made into an issue of nationalism. So if you have the Security Council, which represents the entire and especially Asian powers, says that Iran has gone too far and is out of line (for using its rights as a signatory of NPT and giving moral support to the oppressed native people in Palestine and Lebanon), that has a big impact on Iranian politics and on the Iranian psyche. If the entire world basically says that you’re beyond the pale, people will turn on the government and say, “How could you put us this far out of line?”. But it’s not the Security Council, and it’s just United States and some Western European countries, then the effect of that is much less. People will say it’s just a Zionist-American conspiracy (how true!!) and they never liked us anyway (Yep – Jonathan Pollard and hundreds of other Jews caught spying on US were all Iranians!).

Micah Zenko, another CFR member in his article in LA Times, titled ‘Israel has Iran in its sight’ – tried to blackmail Obama by suggesting that he better come on board on Israeli plan to attack Iran – because even if Israel did attack Iran alone – the US will be sucked in the war on Israeli side – as “they never liked us anyway”. In order to make his point, he cited a few earlier Israeli military operations which it never bothered to consult the US before invading other countries.

In October 1956, Israel, Britain and France launched an ill-fated assault against Egypt to seize control of the Suez Canal. The day before, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles grilled Abba Eban, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., about Israel’s military buildup on the border with Egypt, but Eban kept quiet about his country’s plans.

In June 1967, Israel initiated the Six-Day War without notice to Washington, despite President Johnson’s insistence that Israel maintain the status quo and consult with the U.S. before taking action. Only days before the war began, Johnson notified Prime Minister Levi Eshkol in a personal message: “Israel just must not take preemptive military action and thereby make itself responsible for the initiation of hostilities.”

On June 7, 1981, Israeli fighter-bombers destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak shortly before it was to be fueled to develop the capacity to make nuclear weapons-grade plutonium. Again, Washington was not informed in advance. President Reagan “condemned” the attack and “thought that there were other options that might have been considered.”

On September 6, 2007, Israeli aircraft destroyed what was believed to be a North Korean-supplied plutonium reactor in Al Kibar, Syria. Four months earlier, Israeli intelligence officials had provided damning evidence to the Bush administration about the reactor, and the Pentagon drew up plans to attack it. Ironically, according to New York Times reporter David Sanger, President Bush ultimately decided the U.S. could not bomb another country for allegedly possessing weapons of mass destruction. An administration official noted that Israel’s attack went forward “without a green light from us. None was asked for, none was given.”

By citing those earlier operations – Micah Zenko concluded that if Israel decides to attack Iran, it will be deaf to entreaties from Obama administration to refrain from using military force. “Soon after the operation, Washington will express concern to Tel Aviv publicly and privately – but the long-standing US-Israeli relationship will remain as strong as ever with continued close diplomatic, economic, intelligence and military cooperation”.

Paul Craig Roberts in his article Why not crippling sanctions for Israel and the US? – says that it’s Israel and NOT Islamic Iran – which has evicted native people from their ancestral land and herding them into ghettoes – and it’s Israel which has attacked its neighboring countries, bombed civilians and destroyed civilian infrastructure. Iran as a signatory of NPT (Israel never signed NPT) has the right to develop nuclear power for peaceful use, like any other NPT signatory. However, both Israel and its puppet regime in Washington demand that Tehran must not be allowed to use its such international rights – because Iran might divert enriched uranium to produce a weapon program – which incidently, both Israel and the US have for decades.

“Sadly the ironclad agreement between Israel and Washington to war against Muslim people is far stronger than the connection between American public and the government. In a dinner party last Thursday fot Israel’s militar attache’ in Washington, who is returning to Israel to become deputy chief of staff of Israeli military – Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff , declared that ‘the US will always stand with Israel’. No matter how many war crimes Israel commits. No matter how many women and children Israel murders. No matter how many Palestinians Israel drives from their homes, villages, and lands. If truth could be told, the true axis-of-evil is the United States and Israel.”


2 responses to “The “Crippling sanctions” against Iran

  1. You say, “In Israel, a country stolen from the Palestinians, fanatics control the government.

    Tell us when did it ever belong to Palestinians? Answer Never. It was never a Pal land to
    begin with, so your question is invalid. The Palestinians never governed or controlled any land before 1993. To make it simple, please tell me one Palestinian President before 1948? Keep thinking. The Palestinians want a capital which they never had, in a country that never existed.

    There is a primary historical fact, that must be established now. There has never been, I repeat NEVER been, a civilization, Entity, or a nation referred to as “Palestine” There was never a Palestinian tribe, and there was never a Palestinian country in the Land of Israel to begin with! Arab culture that allows honor killings to be legal. Israel is not for sale. It is not a pie to be sliced up and served to a clan of killers and their supporters.
    1: When did Jerusalem serve as a capital to any Arab Country ? Never.
    2: When did Jerusalem serve as a Palestinian capital ? Never.
    3: Only Israel have had Jerusalem as there capital in
    Ancient and modern times. Jerusalem was never in history an Arab capital and never will be one.
    4: How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in the Koran? Zero. Was Mohammed to so badly educated, he could not utter the word

  2. First of all – the quote you’re complaining about was written by Paul Craig Roberts – a former high official under Reagan administration. I am sure, he knew the history of creation of the Zionazi state better than some Israeli Hasbara idiot like you.

    Palestinians have lived in Palestine during the last 1300 years with exception of 150 odd years when the land was occupied by the European Franks. During that period the European Jews now occupying Palestine – either lived in kingdom of Khazaria and later in Europe – from where they were expelled from almost evey country for the evil nature of their elites.

    If you don’t like the truth coming from a Christian scholar (Roberts) – maybe, one of your Jewish historian, John Kaminski, enlighten you:

    “When you read the history of Israel from objective sources, you discover that it is an outlaw state, created by the powers that be by stealing the land from its original inhabitants, and systematically exterminating them ever since.”

    Plestinian history is more than 5,000 old – much older than the Israelites in that region – who spent most of their in slavery in Egypt and Babylon. In fact there was no nation or race called Judaism untill late fourth century CE.

    Jerusalem has seen much greater civilizations in the past than it’s witnessing the pagan and immoral civilization under atheist Zionazi occupation.

    Jerusalem is mention in Holy Qur’an as Al-Quds.

    It was Islam’s second Caliph, Umar, who in 636 CE recovered the ruins of second Temple of Mount from the Christian rulers of the city – being used as garbage dump – cleaned it up and handed over the the Chief Rabbi of the city – who proclaimed the Caliph as the “Promised Jewish Messiah” for his generousity.

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