Afghanistan’s “no fraud” election

The so-called “country’s Independent Election Commission” is expected to announce the final results by Tuesday. However, both the current puppet president Hamid Karzai and his main opponent, former Afghan foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah – each has announced themselve to be the winner of the election. Abdullah Abdullah told the Associated Press that government official interfered with ballot boxes, and in some places blocked monitors from inspecting ballot boxes. His camp is investigating claims of fraud across southern provinces. However, since both Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah are American ‘Green Card’ holders – Obama’s Zionist administration would not throw its support behind the opposition leader – as it did in the case of Dr. Ahmadinejad’s victory June 2009 – because as the Washinton’s policy has been – “So what, both are our SOBs!!”

Alyssa Bernstein in her article ‘The Afghan Elections’ (August 13, 2009) for the Zionist think tank, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), wrote:

“In the unlikely event that Karzai does not win, Abdullah is the most likely victor. His campaign rhetoric is focused on corruption, but he also wants to decentralize government control and accelerate military reforms. With the democratic endorsement of the Afghan people, and without the stigma of corruption Karzai bears, he could be more assertive and develop a strong working relationship with international counterparts. On the other hand, if Karzai wins, American officials are already familiar with him, while the other candidates’ policies toward America, and their potential plans for running the country, are unknown.”

Hamid Karzai has played election card very well. He has chosen his running-mates carefully making sure he attract as many ethnic groups’ votes as possible. For example, his list includes Tajik commander Mohammad Qasim Fahim, Hazara Shia leader Muhammad Karim Khalili, Uzbek warlord General Abdul Rashid Dostum, and former militia commander Muhammad Muhaqqeq of Islamic National Unity Party. Karzai made his best offer to Taliban, but they did not want to have anything to do with either of the Zionist puppets.

Obama and his Zionist helpers have to understand, sooner the better, that Afghans are not Arabs, who have been morally and politically destroyed as a unit by the 150-year western colonial rule. The entire region was divided into small tribal-states ruled by western puppet-regimes with no grass-root support. Furthernore, an European Jewish colonial entity was imposed upon the Arabs to keep them divided and fighting each other forever. By occupying Iraq, the Zionists have succeeded in their agenda – removal of Iraqi threat to Israel and exploiting the country’s oil and gas resources. However, the US and NATO forces are facing a totally different enemy in Afghanistan. History teaches us that the Afghans are not the kind of people that will submit to foreign occupation. Left to their own devices, they would probably fight it out until they are exhausted; then they would sit down and sort out their differences. This is what they have done in the past. It may be extremely frustrating for the colonial powers to understand but this is how the Afghan operate. The sooner Zionist thugs accept that they will never fulfil dream of exploiting the Capsian Sea Muslim oil and gas reserves; containing Iranian influence in the region or use Pushtuns against Pakistan forever – through continuous military force against Taliban. Eventually, they have to bring Taliban on their side through dialogues and withdrawing all foreign occupation forces from Afghanistan.

Even though the great majority of Afghan women abstained from voting in addition to Taliban supporters – The pro-Israel media cheerleaders have already pronounced Afghanistan election as a “success” of democracy with “huge voters turn-out”!!

In ‘Real Zionist News’, a website run by a former Jewish writer, Nathanael Kapner, published an article titled AF-Pak War And The Battle For Oil, in which he said that Zionists’ real agenda behind invasion of Afghanistan is to destroy Pakistan as a possible threat to Israel: “Although Zionist Jews and imperialist war hawks applaud Obama for his new “Af-Pak” approach to his unwinnable war, others contend that he should have renamed the imperialist war, “Pak-Af,” to emphasize that from the perspective of US interests, the heart of the problem lies in Pakistan….”

The results of a nation-wise poll taken by ABC News-Washington Post – released on the eve of Afghanistan election – found that 51% of Americans who participated in the poll – said that the war in Afghanistan was not worth fighting while 47% approved the US-NATO war.


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