American exit strategy in Afghanistan

What I read in history book decades ago – is reportedly repeated by John Burton, Chairman of California Democrat Party via his August 11 e-mail to party activists: “Enough is enough. It’s time we learned the lessons of history. The British Empire, the most powerful empire in the world, could not subdue Afghanistan. Neither could the Soviet Union, the second most powerful country at that time and next-door neighbor to Afghanistan. Two of the great militaries in history found Afghanistan easy to conquer but impossible to hold. It’s time the people of Afghanistan assumed full control of their own country. It’s time for American troops to come home — not only from Iraq, but from Afghanistan too. And the first step is an exit strategy.” However, the history books also mention that Alexander the Great, too, met his Vietnam in Afghanistan.

It is close to eight years since Taliban were “defeated” – but on August 10, 2009 – the largest-circulated Jewish daily, The Wall Street, reported that “the Taliban have gained the upper hand” and quoted occupation commander Gen. Stanely McChrystal admitting that American casualties, already running at record level, will remain high for months to come: “It’s a very aggressive enemy now and we got to stop their momentum, stop their initiative. It’s hard work”. By the end of this year – Obama administration intends to raise the number of its armed personnel to 66,000 plus 30,000 NATO soldiers dying for this endless Zionist war.

Interestingly, another big name in Jewish-controlled mainstream media, TIME – on May 3, 2009 reported that Taliban’s victory is not on the battle-front, but in Taliban propaganda: “The Taliban has wide range of propaganda weapons, spanning high and low technology. Since mid-2005, the militants have maintained a multiligual website that has repeatedly changed service providers to avoid being shut down…..” The idiots want the world to believe that Taliban can afford to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to beat Zionist world-wide propaganda lies – but cannot afford to buy one tank or a helicopter!!

While all this bulling is going on – Kabul President Hamid Karzai and Saudi ‘royals’ are searching for the ‘moderate’ Taliban leaders to pave the way for American and NATO forces’ ‘honourable exit’. The Jewish-owned daily Washington Post in May 2009 – reported that Obama administration is weighing the idea of neocon Zalmay Khalilzad (he is married to an Austrian Jewess, Cheryl Benard, a senior policy adviser at Zionist think tank RAND) being appointed as the new de facto leader in Afghanistan. However, the problem Washington is facing is that all Taliban leaders fighting the foreign occupation – demand pulling all foreign forces back to their bases, as the first step, to be followed by a ceasefire – and later withdrawing all foreign forces from Afghanistan within next 18 months, as the second step. During this period – the country and its elected government would be protected by an international peacekeeping force – drawn from major Muslim countries (Turkey, Islamic Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc.).

Karzai’s honeymoon with the Jewish lobby – like Nasser, Crown Prince Hassan (Jordan), Saddam Husein, Musharraf, etc. in the past – seems to be over. Elizabeth Rubin writing for The New York Times (Karzai in His Labyrinth, August 4, 2009) wrote: “The Afghan president is isolated and distrusted, and even if he is re-elected this month, that’s not likely to change.”


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