Zionists’ Saudi-Iran Puzzle

The Zionist controlled mainstream western media is in the habit of depicting western client states as “moderate” (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Morocco, etc.) or “the only democracy in the ME” (Israel) – and emerging independent (Islamist) regimes as “radicals” and thus a threat to the world peace. However, the fact is that some of these western favorites states are the major players in the arms race in the Middle East and threat to the region.

In 1949, Golda Meir, Israel’s first ambassador to USSR – met Stalin and Kaganovich and they signed an understanding that “Israel would not make any agreement to solve the Palestinian problem” and in return “the Soviets would absolutely guarantee the security of Israel (thepeoplevoive.org 6/10/06).

General Charles de Gaulle (d. 1970) was a great friend of the Zionist state. However, he warned Israel prime minister David Ben Gurion: “Israel should excercise great caution in dealing with the Arabs. They’re her neighbors and will remain forever. It was at their expense and their lands that Israel has set herself up as a sovereign state. In doing so, she have wounded them in their religion and their pride. France will help to survive in the future, but France would not provide Israel the means of conquering new territory”.

According to the Global Issues the world spends some US$1,000 billion annually on the military. The top merchant of death is the US (38%) followed by Russia (19%), France (10%), Britain (8%), and China (4%). Israel’s arms export is over US$300 million per year.

In May 2009, the Global Materialization Index (GMI) produced by the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) put Israel in the third top place amongst 151 countries – after Eritrea and Syria. Israel’s military budget (12.3 billion) is the highest in the Middle East. Israel also has world’s third largest Army (177,000 regulars and 565,000 reserves, and 8,000 paramilitary forces). Israel is the ninth largest importer of arms in the world. According tp SIPRI’s data, during 2000-2007 period Zionist entity imported weapons worth US$5 billion from mostly the US, followed by the EU and Germany.

Saudi Arabia is the largest spender on arms in the Middle East. It’s estimated that the kingdom has spent more than US$200 billion on arms purchases from the UK, Britain, France, China and India. In 2007, Bush administration agreed to sell US$20 billion of arms to Saudi Arabia while promising Israeli a US$30 billion arms deal (mostly in aid).

Islamic Iran’s military budget (6 billion) is fraction of what Israel or Saudi Arabia spend on their Armed Forces – but are still paranoid of Iran’s emergying power in the region.

The pro-Israel think tank, The Middle East Institute, in its 2008 propaganda hoax titled Nuclear Weapons and Saudi Strategy ring the alarm bells that in the event Islamic Iran develop nuclear arsenal – Saudi Arabia, the so-called leader of the Sunni world – would not be able to produce its own nuclear arsenal to maintain its leading-edge position in the Arab world due to country’s lack of industrial and technical base required to develop nuclear weapons on its own – and might not be able to acquire a nuclear devices from its western protectors due to opposition from Israel. That would leave Saudi Arabia no other alternative but “an accommodation with Iran and progress towards its long-stated goal of making the entire region a zone free of nuclear weapons”. This could tantamount to ‘anti-Semitism’, because that would require Israel to destroy its 240-400 nuclear bombs, which the Zionists leaders have been using to scare the hell out of its Arab neighbours and Israel’s supporters in the West.

In March 2007 – one of Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) “leading Saudi Arabia expert”, F. Gregory Gause III, was reported saying: “The Saudis are trying to a sophisticated way to limit Iranian influence in places where Iranians seems to be getting stronger (Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Sudan, Afghanistan, etc.)”. Gregory responding to his Zionist Jew interviewer, Bernard Gwertzman’s, question that while King Abdullah has met with Ahmadinjad – he also had meeting with Israeli – said: “Saudis are playing a delicate balancing game. On the one hand, they want to contain Iranian influence. There is not much they can do in Iraq right now. But certainly at the peripheries of the Iranian influence they’re trying to roll it back. On the other hand, they don’t want an open confrontation with Iran….”

Noah Feldman writing in the New York Times magazine (2006) had his Hasbara lie for the readers – saying that Arab leaders were aware of the Zionist nukes but were not worried about them because they believed that Zionists (under Jewish morality) would never use those nuclear bombs against the Arab neighbors. However, when Amr Moussa, secretary general Arab League called (May 2006) for “a Middle East free of nuclear weapons”, it was not Israel which prompted his remarks. He was “worried about Iran, whose self-declared ambition to become a nuclear power has been steadly approaching realization.” I bet the idiot wants his readers to believe that as soon as Iran gets its first nuclear bomb – it will bomb one of its Arab neighbors, which it did not do for the last 100 years. However, Zionits’ real concern is that Hamas supported by a nuclear Iran will force the Zionist entity to deal with the Palestinian leaders in good faith instead of fooling them and the rest of the world – which they had succeeded for the last 61 years.

Historically, both Saudi Arabia and Israel were created by the western colonial powers to loot the region’s natural resources and stop the revival of political Islam in the Muslim heartland.

On Monday, US secretary of states, Robert Gates, in a joint statement with Zionazi war criminal Ehud Barak, Zionist entity’s defense minister – sent a warning to Tehran to stop its nuclear research and pledged that the US will stand by the Zionist state.

The fear of Islamic revival has always worked as a glue between the secular Arab elites and the western colonialists – whether it is against Turk Khalifat or Islamic Revolution in 1979. Now once again Arab regimes have shown that their loyalties are with the USrael and other enemies of Islam, who are bent on destroying the only Islamic state which has the courage to challenge the Jewish colonization of Palestine and American occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

If the Zionists think they can destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities and get away with it, they better think again. There will be swift and strong retaliation and a heavy price to pay, not for the Zionists but also their puppet regimes in the Middle East.


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