The Color Revolutions: From Orange to Green

If Iran’s color revolution fails, hard-line regime must be removed from outside (US invasion),” – Henry Kissinger, the Zionist Jew war criminal, told BBC.

No matter what the election results be, Israel should carry out air strike to put an end to Iran’s nuclear threat,” – former US ambassador at the UN – in June 12 Wall Street Journal editorial.

Since the 1990s, America’s successive Zionist administrations have carried several ‘color revolutions’ in Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia. Funding millions of dollars to rig elections, engineered mass demonstrations and political assassinations – has been the trademark of such color revolutions – which have been carried out in Serbia (Bulldozer), Georgia (Rose), Nicaragua, Ukraine (Orange), Kyrgyzstan (Tulip), Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan (Black), Occupied Palestine, Lebanon (Cedar), Kuwait (Blue), Myanmar (Safron), Tibet (Crimson), and recently in Islamic Iran (Green).

Freedom House, National Democrat Institute, International Republican Institute, CIA, MOSSAD, USAID, CIDA, Albert Einstein Institution, and various western NGOs including Jew billionaire George Soro’s Open Society Institute – are ‘the foreign instigators and helpers’ who pave the way for a pro-USrael regime changes around the world. These groups arrange dessident groups behind a single opposition leader (a pro-West would be ideal, but even an anti-West would do the trick – as in the case of Serbia’s Vojislav Kostunica); funds student protests; publish dubious popularity or exit polls; stickers and paint spray; websites; twitters, and mocking the undesired leaders – are some of the shaddy activities carried out to fulfil the USrael agenda of the ‘regime change’. However, the West’s “exporting democracy” myth has not succeeded in each case such as in cases of Nicaragua, Mynmar, and Islamic Iran.

Stephen Ledman in his article Color Revolutions, Old and New (June 29, 2009) wrote:

In Belgrade, key organizations were involved, including the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Republican Institute (IRI), and National Democratic Institute. Posing as independent NGOS, they’re, in fact, US-funded organizations charged with disruptively subverting democracy and instigating regime changes through non-violent strikes, mass street protests, major media agitprop, and whatever else it takes short of military conflict.

The US State Department spent around $20 million dollars to turn Yanukovych’s victory into one for Yushchenko with help from the same NGOs behind Georgia’s “Rose Revolution” and others.

Iran’s Made-in-the-USA “Green Revolution”

After Iran’s June 12 election, days of street protests and clashes with Iranian security forces followed. Given Washington’s history of stoking tensions and instability in the region, its role in more recent color revolutions, and its years of wanting regime change in Iran, analysts have strong reasons to suspect America is behind post-election turbulence and one-sided Western media reports claiming electoral fraud and calling for a new vote, much like what happened in Georgia and Ukraine.

On its June 17 web site, BBC was caught publishing deceptive agitprop and had to retract it. It prominently featured a Los Angeles Times photo of a huge pro-Ahmadinejad rally (without showing him waving to the crowd) that it claimed was an anti-government protest for Mousavi.

Throughout its history since 1922, BBC compiled a notorious record of this sort of thing because the government appoints its senior managers and won’t tolerate them stepping out of line. Early on, its founder, John Reith, wrote the UK establishment: “They know they can trust us not to be impartial,” a promise faithfully kept for nearly 87 years and prominently on Iran.

On June 24, Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor to Gerald Ford and GHW Bush, told Al Jazeera television that “of course” Washington “has agents working inside Iran” even though America hasn’t had formal relations with the Islamic Republic for 30 years…

Neda (meaning “voice” in Farsi) Agha Soltani is today’s Nayirah – young, beautiful, slain on a Tehran street by an unknown assassin, she’s now the martyred face of opposition protesters and called “The Angel of Iran” by a supportive Facebook group. Close-up video captured her lying on the street in her father’s arms. The incident and her image captured world attention. It was transmitted online and repeated round-the-clock by the Western media to blame the government and enlist support to bring it down. In life, Nayirah was instrumental in Iraq’s destruction and occupation. Will Neda’s death be as effective against Iran and give America another Middle East conquest?

A final point. The core issue isn’t whether Iran’s government is benign or repressive or if its June 12 election was fair or fraudulent. It’s that (justifiable criticism aside) no country has a right to meddle in the internal affairs of another unless it commits aggression in violation of international law and the UN Security Council authorizes a response. Washington would never tolerate outside interference nor should it and neither should Iran.


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