Uighur are not Tibetan

“Islam was once found only beyond the western border

Who could have foretold that Muslims were to dwell in China forever?” – A 17th century poem.

Some of us must remember how the Zionist controlled mainstream media orchestrated anti-China media war against Olympics 2008 in Beijing (China) – as early as 2006. It wanted all the western ZOG countries to boycott the Olympics – comparing it with Olympics 1936 in Nazi Berlin – where Afro-American track champion Jessie Owen won four Gold Medals. Jonathan Zimmerman got his Zionist rant published in Seattlepi.com (March 24, 2006) in which he called Washington to lead the boycott of Chinese Olympics: “To be fair, the Chinese leaders have never demonstrated the genocidal mentality or the global ambitions of Nazi Germany. And nominally, of course, China remains a “communist” nation. But make no mistake: It’s also a fascist one.” Now we have to excuse Jonathan’s ignorance of the fact that a great number of elites both in Nazi and Communist “fascism” happened to be European Jews, who have established a similar “fascism” in occupied Palestine.

The Olympic boycott propaganda had nothing to do with Chinese government’s occupation of Tibet or its racist treatment of minorities in China – but Beijing’s close economic ties with Khourtum under an Islamist regime which is considered a threat to Israeli strategic interests in Africa. US Zionist administration’s double standard were obvious in last week demonstrations in Urumqi (Xinjiang) in which 156 people died and thousands other injured or arrested by the communist authorities.

Mona Eltahawy writing for Israeli mouthpiece ‘The Huffington Post’ (July 12, 2009) said: “Pity the Uighurs – the wrong kind of minority, the wrong kind of Muslims, fighting the wrong kind of enemy……I thought if only the Uighurs were Buddhists like the Tibetans with whom the Uighurs shares almost mirror grievances against Beijing…..The Uighurs are not Buddhists but are Muslims and us Muslims don’t get much love these days. You’d not think the US would be paying a bit more attention to Uighurs after locking up four of their brethern at the prison camp at Guantanamo without charges for seven years. they were release earlier this year to Bermuda….. Perhaps Israel can save the day and invade Xinjiang….” Now some idiot wants us to believe that Zionist regime is stupid enough to kill the hen which gives golden eggs (US$5 billion trade in 2007), second to the US. Israel also sold US Patriot missile secrets to China in the 1990s – which now China is blamed for passing-on to Islamic Iran.

Beijing has blamed Rebiya Kadeer 60, living in exile in the US for inciting the recent protests to cover its Holocaust of over 38 million Turkic Muslims since the occupation of Eastern Turkistan in the 18th century. The Muslim population in China was reported to be over 48 million (1936) which currently stands at around 10 millions. Ann Miller Darling wrote a very informative article for Saudi Aramco.

Professor Mohamed Elmasry (University of Waterloo, Canada) in his July 11 article titled Why Obama does not say a word about Deaths in China? wrote:

“There are 2.3 million Uighurs in Xinjiang (also called East Turkistan). When state repression of minorities occurs, Tibet immediately comes to mind, but China’s measures taken against the Uighurs have been far more severe. Unlike the Tibetans, nobody seems to notice or care.

U.S. President Barack Obama has not say a word about the right of the Uighurs to demonstrate or demanded that the Chinese government respect that right.

Repression of the Uighurs has been widely documented for decades. Amnesty International has accused the Chinese government repeatedly of arbitrarily detaining thousands of Uighurs who were at serious risk of torture or ill treatment. It also condemned China for what it called “an assault on Uighur culture as a whole”- closing mosques, restricting the use of the Uighur language, and burning Uighur books and journals.

“Very appalling forms of torture have been recorded in Xinjiang, which as far as we know have never been occurring elsewhere in China,” reported Amnesty International.

The Chinese government has also been conducting cultural cleansing by moving a huge number of Han to Xinjiang. Uighurs complain that these Chinese immigrants enjoy the benefits of the economical development in their oil-rich province.

After 9/11, the Chinese government linked religion and separatism to terrorism and described the Uighur separatists as terrorists. It succeeded in getting one Uighur organization, the East Turkistan Islamic Movement, placed on the United Nations’ list of international terrorist organizations. Four Uighurs captured in Afghanistan were incarcerated at Guantánamo for years before being dumped in Albania because no other country would provide them asylum.

Uighurs, like Tibetans, face open discrimination in the booming cities of China’s east and south, an issue highlighted by the beating to death of at least two Uighurs at a toy factory last month in the southern city of Shaoguan….”


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