Sufism: Made in America

Zionist think tank, RAND Corporation, in its report “Building Moderate Muslim Networks” – it recommends that US should provide all possible support to create sectarianism – using one group of Muslims against another – Sunni vs Shia; Sufi vs non-Sufi – divide and conquer Muslims in order to destroy Islam. This is already being implemented in Pakistan and occupied Iraq.

The Zionist think tanks have never run out of new ideas to ‘modernize’ Islam in Judeo-Christian image – devoid of its Islamic Shari’ah and its spirit of resistance to injustices (Jihad). During its colonial period the West created a few ‘Islamic reformers’, who claimed to be ‘prophets’ in India and Iran – to confuse Muslim Ummah (Brotherhood). Now some frustrated Zionist pundits are propagating ‘Sufi Islam’ as the most ‘moderate’ Islamic theology, which can serve the West especially the Zionist agenda – from Palestine to Pakistan, and from Chechnya to Somalia. Pakistan’s puppet, Asif Zardari has already obliged his Zionist-masters by patronizing Sufi Islam.

Zionist mainstream media’s first target, understandably, is Pakistan – which is the only Muslim country, like Zionist entity (1948), born out of religious factor and with nuclear deterrent. Economist (Of saints and sinners), BBC (Can Sufi Islam counter the Taleban?), and Boston Globe (Mystical power) – all show the historical stupidity of their writers of the true spirit of Islam and the background of Sufism.

Phillip Jenkins in his column “Mystical power”, asks a good question: “Why Sufi Muslim, for centuries the most ferocious soldiers of Islam, could be our most valueable allies in the fight against terrorism?” – but his answer show his Zionist hysteria about Islamic Iran: “Many observers see a stark confrontation between the West and Islam, a global conflict that entered a traumatic new phase with the Iranian Revolution.” He also dump Sufism, Wahabism, and Salafism into the same blender – though in fact, the sectarians within these three sects hate each other.

In England, the Zionists created their version of Sufi Islam aka Sufi Muslim Council (SMC) in 2006. The founder of SMC is Haras Rifique, who along with Fiaz Mughal (Liberal Democrats), Azhar Ali (Labour Party), Sayeeda Warsi (Conservative Party), and Riaz Ahmad (former Mayor of Oldham) – all took pilgrimage to spend some time in a Kibbutz, built on the land stolen from native Palestinians by European Jew thugs. These dudes believe that both Qadyanis and Bahais are part of Muslim world. SMC’s most outspoken Islamophobe is Zeyno Baran, who has close link with Israel Lobby and dictators in the Central Asian Muslim countries. She believes that Islam should not play any role in politics and is very allergic to even the mention of word ‘Islam’ in the Iraqi and Afghanistan Constitutions.

Like slavery and polygamy – Sufism also existed before the Dawn of Islam in 610 CE. It existed in Hindu and Jewish Temples and Christian Monasteries. In most non-Islamic religions – Sufis are those who discard the worldly pleasures and responsibilities in favour of a self-centered (Monkic) lifestyle – which is totally against the spirit of Islam. Islam demands that a Believer must live according to Islamic Shari’ah and the Prophetic traditions – from craddle to grave. In Islam there is no separation of Church from the White House (which in fact doesn’t exist in practice in any of the so-called “secular” western country).

As compared to Orthodox Judaism, Islam has far fewer regulations governing behaviour in everydaylife, which are not practiced by the great majority of world’s 13.5 million Jewish population anymore.

Sufism is mainly based on the “inner harmonyof people fully oriented to the Afterlife, but with feet planted firmly on the ground of This Life” – which is clearly not reflected in actions of the whiling Dervish found in Turkey or elsewhere. The early Muslims like Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, Hussein, Aisha, and quite a few other men and women. They were unreservedly Allah-fearing, readyto sacrifice themselves; they were ascetics, practicing the Sufi ideals of ‘dying before death’ – though without calling or considering themselves mystics.

Islam without Jihad is as if accepting Holy Qur’an without the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). During his 23-year Prophethood – he blessed 79 defensive wars; pre-emptive attacks, and punitive strikes on the enemies of Islam. He himself, commanded eight of those 79 expeditions. It would be of self-denial for a Muslim to believe that the Prophet (pbuh) never established an ‘Islamic State’ in Medinnah (Yasreb) – and gave the world its first State Constitution in 626 CE.

Some Sufi scholars are known for their spread of Islam through teaching and personal piety such as Abd al Qadir Jilani (d. 1166), Farid al Din Attar (d. 1220), Hasan al Basri, and of course Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood which kept Islamic spirit alive under brutal western colonization of the Middle East and Africa – while some Sufis have been revolutionaries in the past and present. Imam Zaid, Mahdi Sudani, Shah Waliullah, Imam Shamil, Alijah Izetbegovic, General Dzhokhar Dudayev, and Imam Khomeini were all belonged to Sufi tariqa. The founders of the Safavid (Safawiyya) dynasty (1502-1722), which spread Shia Islam in Azerbiajan, Persia, and Caucasus – were Sufis from Turkey.


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