Selling Obama as an “honest broker”

In the recent months – the various Zionist propagandist organs have turned heat on US president Barack Hussein Obama – in order to convince Muslims around the world that the president is living up to his middle Muslim name – by making statements which borders on so-called  ‘anti-Israel’ and ‘anti-Semitic’. This, obviously, is an organized Jewish Lobby’s campaign to portray its puppet in the White House, as an “honest broker” – so that whatever pro-Zionist agenda he put in front of the Palestinians or the Lebanese or the Iranians or the Pakistanis – they will accept it without noticing its poisonous results in the near future.

According to last week’s Jerusalem Post poll – only 6% of Israeli Jews believe Obama’s policies are pro-Israel (down from 31% a month ago) – while 50% of them said that Obama’s policies are pro-Palestinian (up from 14% a month ago). The same newspaper reported on June 9, 2009 – that Bibi’s minister-without-portfolio Yossi Peled had proposed Israeli sanctions against the US.

This Zionist virus is not limited to the US and Israel – but has spread to Canada and several EU nations where the mainstream media is controlled by the Zionist Jews or their partners in crime – the Zionist Christians. In Canada – one of the ‘Islamophobes’, who recently have begun his anti-Obama crusade – is Brad Kostynuik, known for his anti-Islam hysteria under pen-name Wharold on Doomsday Clock Radio blog. He claims to be a Christian – but his wife is Jewish.

Rich Lowry in article “Obama Shows Naivete on Iran”, posted on Jewish Real Clear Politics, June 19, 2009 – blames Obama for being irresponsible for not supporting the Iranian opposition, while being critical of new Jewish settlements in the West Bank: “Obama says he wants to avoid stoking a nationalist blacklash. A legitimate, but overblown, concern. Iranian surely can understand the difference between US sending CIA operatives into the country to help stage an anti-democracy coup – as Obama consistently reminds the world we did in 1950s – and speaking up against repression….Obama’s timidity speaks to a guilty conscience….”

Norman Podhoretz in the May 2009 issue of American Jewish Committee’s magazine, Commentary, claimed that Obama posses a threat to Israel in his article “How Obama’s America Might Threaten Israel”.

On May 6 – the Jewish-owned ‘The Washington Times’ in its editorial Breaking Faith with Israel complained that Obama administration in search of its national interests – may adopt friendly relation with Tehran by “breaking a 40-year understanding between Washington and Tel Aviv to keep Israel’s clandestine nuclear program a secret.”

Israel along with other nuclear countries (India, N. Korea, and Pakistan) refuse to sign NPT, which would force them to open their nuclear facilities to International Atomic Energy Watchdog for surprise inspections. The powerful US Jewish Lobby and its supporters believe that only Israel should be allowed to maintain its nuclear arsenal (as the West’s bully) and that Tel aviv with the help of Washington must stop other countries in the Middle East, especially Islamic Iran to aquire nuclear deterrent.

Though Obama’s administration has a great majority of Jews and pro-Israel Zionists, with Israeli citizen Rham Emanuel holding the most powerful post – many members of Israel Lobby (AIPAC) still are not comfortable – remembering that even president John Kennedy had a Jewish (Myer Feldman) White House Chief of Staff – and even after being elected with 90% Jewish votes – JFK refused to become an Israeli puppet.

PARADE magazine, even went further and on June 20 and called Obama an “imperfect father” in an essay We Need Fathers To Step Up.

Before I conclude my post – I do would like to give some space to the chief Pundit of America’s Dirty Dozen Islamophobes, Daneil Pipes, who before November 4 elections – had predicted that Barack Obama’s victory would be “bad news” for Iran. Now, he sees Obama as a “bad news” for Israel rather than Iran. Writing under the headline “A Rapid and Harsh Turn against Israel” in the Jerusalem Post, June 4, 2009 – he whined: “Even if one ignores the folly of focussing on Jerusalemites adding recereations rooms to their houses (15 new appartment buildings are gyms and parks for the idiot) rather than Iranians adding centrifuges to their nuclear infrastructure and even if one overlooks the obvious counter productivity of letting Abbas off the hook (USAID$80 million to Abbas Vs USAID$10,000 million to Israel in the same period of time) – the new US approach is doomed.” However, one should not blame Pipes’ change of mind so soon – as according to Jewish traditions – a Rabbi has the divine right to change religious scriptures. Jewish Talmud (Erubin 21b) even warns Jews: “Whosoever disobeys rabbis – shall burn in Hell forever.”

To find out Obama’s blind support for the Zionist entity given in his speech at the Cairo University – can be reread HERE.


One response to “Selling Obama as an “honest broker”

  1. Neocons are like judenrat in the way they helped the nazis go after the Serbs a second time a half century later and then went around calling Islam a “religion of peace”. Who are they to criticize those who voted Obama?

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