Rahbar’s Friday Khutba and Hasbara idiots

To begin with – I must admit that both Rahbar Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in his today’s Friday Khutba (English translation in two video at the bottom of this post) and the professional Israeli Hasbara liars‘ comments posted on internet even before he finished his Khutba – did not disappoint me. As expected from a religious scholar, who was elected President of Islamic State of Iran, twice, by the highest majority votes in the democratic history of Iran – before being chosen as Rahbar of Islamic Revolution after the death of Imam Khomeini. Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in his Friday Khutba, advised Iranians to end the street protests over last week’s election and submit their complaints through proper channel instead of playing in the hands of the enemies of Iran. He rejected opposition and western claims that the election was rigged and praised the ballot as an “epic moment that became an historic moment (85% voters participated in the election).”

“The people have chosen whom they wanted. I see some people more suitable for serving the country than others but the people made their choice. What I want was not told to the people – the President’s opinion is closer to my opinion,” – said the Rahbar.

“The Islamic Republic state would not cheat and would not betray the vote of the people. How can 11 million votes be replaced or changed?”

The Rahbar blamed Zionist-control mass media for seeking to show division between those who supported the Iranian state and those who didnot, while in fact, the election had shown Iranian to be united in their commitment to the revolutionary Islamic state. “There are 40 million votes for the Revolution and not just 24 million for the chosen president.”

The Israeli Hasbara and its Zionist bigots’ response was typical of their never-ending hoax of Wipe Israel Off The Map. It’s impossible for me to expose all their lies, ignorance and ‘Iranophobia’ – However, Meir Javedanfar’s comments at one of top Zionist propaganda website The Huffington Post (June 19, 2009) would be enough to show the ignorance and the stupidity of the writer.

He interprets Rahbar’s warning to the western-funded opposition groups to stop street riots – as “setting the ground for the upcoming crackdown“. WOW! That’s what I call a kettle calling other pots ‘black’. It seems the writer is ignorant of the fact that several thousands of Arab and Muslims are still lingering in US jails for the crimes Bush administration could not prove in court during its 8-year term OR that there are more than 9,000 Palestinians, Lebanese and Egyptian are physically abused in Israeli jails without any trial OR Muslims are rounded up on daily basis in Britain on faked ‘terrorism’ charges and many of them released after putting them to mental torture OR that most Jews convicted or involved in various crimes and terrorism – usually end up in Israel instead of US or British jails – and let’s not forget the Christian minority in Israel, which has been treated for the last 60 years – as Jews were treated by Christians in Europe’s Dark Age – like dogs!

Meir finds Rahbar’s “willingness to put his life on line to defend the Revolution,” very interesting. In other words – Meir believes that western leaders are all traitors and cowards because they would not “put their lives to defend their countries”.

According to Meir “The very fact that Ayatollah Khamenei sees this as a prelude to the overthrow of his administration, is a clear sign that he feels his position is in danger.” Again the idiot doesn’t know that election was for the post of President of IRI and not the position of Rahbar, which is that of a “Pope” in the religious sense and the “Supreme Commander of Iranian Forces” in the political sense. No matter who had won – Ahmadinejad or Moussavi – they, both, had to be answeable to the Rahbar during a national crisis. This had been the case during all the previous “conservative” and “reformer” administrations. Under Constitution – the Rahbar can only be impeached if he commit a treason (install himself the ruler via a military coup) or declared mentally ill by a board of medical specialists.

Next Meir believe that “Khamenei’s refusal to order a recount, plus his statement that he is closer to Ahmadinejad is likely to create more tension and upheaval.” It seem Meir was either born yesterday or he, like the rest of Hasbara gang prefer to live in self-denial. Was there a recount after Bush’s fraudulent election victory in 2000? Doesn’t he know that every American presidential candidate is known to kiss a certain foreign lobby’s (AIPAC) butts? While most American voters know Israeli hold on their government – when did it created tension and upheaval?


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