The fear of Islamic Shari’ah

On April 22, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) published Tony Johnson’s article Sharia and Militancy with the usual anti-Islamic crap. Interestingly, though the author acknowledged that majority of people surveyed by Gallup 2008 in Iran, Egypt and Turkey – choose Islamic Shari’ah for governance. However, he still had the nerves to blame Islamic Shari’ah for the current militancy within some Muslim countries and not the policies and the terrorist actions of the western powers, Israel and India.

Before I refute Tony’s ignorance of Islamic Shari’ah – I would like to shed some light on CFR. Council on Foreign Relations (founded in 1921) is world’s most powerful Jewish controlled Think Tank, which moulds the national and foreign policies of the US and most of the EU countries. It’s current president is Richard N. Haass (Jewish). Barack Obama picked Richard Haass, and CFR-members, Richard Halbrooke (Jewish) and Dennis Ross (Jewish) as his foreign relation advisors. The Mumbai-born anti-Islam Zionist propagandist TV host, Fareed Zakaria, is also member of CFR.

Now my response to Tony Johnson’s allegations:

1. There are three sources of Islamic Shari’ah. Divine Commandments (Holy Qur’an), the Prophetic interpretation of the Divine message and his personal actions during his 23-year of Prophethood (the Sunnah), and the actions of the Prophet’s (pbuh) four guided Caliphs. Islamic jurisprudence is totally different from western man-made laws – as it covers each and every aspect of human life by Divine guidance – from cradle to the grave. Islamic scholars believe that Shari’ah is the only path for human salvation. However, Islamic law remain flexible enough to take into account the requirements of public interests (Ijtehad), as long as it doesn’t cross the boundry lines set by the Revelation.

2. Terms like “militants”, “fundamentalists”, “reformists”, “radicals”, “terrorists”, “anti-Semitism”, etc. were all coined in the West and introduced to the Muslim world by the western colonialists. Holy Qur’an and Prophetic Sunnah commands the Believers to take up arms (Jihad) against their enemies to protect their faith, land and human dignity. But in the same breath prohibit them to persecute or kill non-combatants – which is quite normal in the case of western Judeo-Christian colonialists. Muslims fought over 79 defensive battles and skirmishes during the last ten years of the Prophet’s (pbuh) life in Medinnah – in eight of which he lead the Muslim fighters.

3. Islamic governance is based on the absolute authority of Allah. It is neither based on “theocracy” nor on the corrupt western-style “democracy”. The main criteria of Muslim leadership is person’s piety and his/her good moral conduct – which is quite opposite to the western leadership concept, which is based on money and the support of business or foreign country’s Lobby groups. There is no place for institutionalized clergy in Islam – therefore, the leader of an Islamic state doesn’t have to be an Islamic scholar (Ayatullah, Mufti or a Mullah). The four guided Caliphs did not belong to any such groups – nor is the current president of Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Ahmadinejad, who is an academic with PhD in Engineering.

4. The Shari’ah punishments are much lient than the punishments commanded in the Jewish Bible. The stoning adulterers is prescribed in Deuteronomy 22:20-22, and not in Holy Qur’an. Furthermore, Qur’anic punishment of adultery (four eye witness) is impossible to fulfill – while in Jewish law, husband’s testimony is considered enough. Holy Qur’an demand punishment for only six offenses (murder, robbery, treason against the state, false accusation of adultery, adultery itself, and theft of guarded objects of value), but do condemn several immoral behaviours, such as, gambling, usury, pork consuption, homosexulity, etc. with severe punishment in the life after death.

5. The “chopping off hands” is hardly to be found in any of the Muslim countries claim to be governed by Islamic Shari’ah – because, such punishment is not applicable to theft for the survival of a human being. It’s only applicable, when the state has provided reasonable opportunities to its citizens to earn money to feed, cloth and provide shelter for himself and his family – and even then on his/her second act of theft. Now, by any chance, if this Islamic punishment is applied in New York state alone – I bet almost every Zionist billionare in the Jewish-controlled Wall Street would be seen walking with only one hand!

6. Under Islamic criminal code – every citizen (both Muslim and non-Muslim) is innocent until proven otherwise. However, in western law, every member of government’s perceived enemy nation or community – is a criminal until proven innocent, which could take years. It was this Judeo-Christian code which victimized hundred of million Natives of Americana, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa; African slaves; Chinese and Japanese during WW II; communists during the Cold War era, and now Palestinian Muslim and Christian Natives. Currently, the entire 1.7 billion Muslim world community has become the communists of the Cold War era.

7. What is happening in Swat area is a blow-back of Gen. Musharaf’s misguided pro-US policies carried out since September 11, 2001 and Pakistan Army’s military operation in the tribal areas to please Washington. The judicial system in the tribal areas is not based on Islamic Shari’ah – but like Afghanistan, it’s based on a mixture of Islamic law and local traditional law, implement by the Jirga of elders. During the six Islamic parties coaliation government in the Frontier area – there were no militancy. Now the province is ruled by NAP, a secularist group run by anti-Pakistan Ghuffar Khan family dynasty – similar to the secularist central PPP government run by Bhutto family dynasty.

8. Somalia became a “failed state” thanks to western interests in country’s oil reserves and being used as nuclear waste dumping ground. Both the US and Israel funded the tribal warlords and now it’s Israel behind the Red Sea piracy.

And finally – after blaming Shari’ah for everything going wrong in the Muslim world – would Tony Johnson dare to enlighten his readers on the double standards of American justice system – one for Israel and its supporter and the one for Gentiles, like Muslims, fearful of even sending money to the most desperate Muslims back home. For example, The Washington Post on April 22, revealed that DOJ may drop its espionage case against Jewish Lobby (AIPAC). Larry Franklin was found guilty and sentenced to twelve year but the recipients of this material, ex AIPAC employees may have their cases dropped….. Read Mohamed Khodr’s letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder.

Read Mark Glenn’s view on US legal system for the “Chosen People” here.


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