Islamic Iran is destined to become a world power

Against all the ‘Islamophobic’ wars, sanctions, myths, and propaganda lies since 1979 – Islamic regime in Tehran and Iranian people have proved beyond any doubt that they’re destined to walk through the 21st century with their heads up as citizens of a fully independent sovereign State in the world and a shining example for all the oppressed people around the world.

Even after the West’s sponsored eight year Iraq-Iran war (mostly on behalf of Israel) and financed by their Arab puppet regimes – thurst upon Iranian people in the early stage of the Revolution – costing Iran close to one million death and over 3.7 trillion loss in infrastructure – followed by American sponsored UN sanctions, and bullying tactics of the Zionist controlled western governments to isolate Tehran from the rest of the world and targetting Iranian ambition to join the industrialized world by pursuing nuclear source for power-generation – Tehran has made its enemies recognize that Islamic Iran has already become a region power during the last 30 years and the US occupation forces cannot withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq with further humiliation without the help of Tehran.

Ironically, America’s puppet rulers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan – have visited Tehran more often than Washington since 2001. Saddam Husein, who became a pawn in western hatred of Islamic revival – was dragged like a dog by its former western sponsors and most Iraqi people are forced to live like slaves under the modern-day Halakus. Allah has mysterious ways to reward His followers and curse those who persecute them.

Many western political Pundits are watching the coming elections in both Islamic Iran and Lebanon. Their prediction is that if Dr. ahmadinejad wins a second term and Hizb’Allah becomes a major partner in the next government – the next four year could see Islamic Iran rising from a regional power to one of the world powers. Franklin Lamb, in a research article titled: Persia Rising, published by CounterPunch Org. on April, 17-20, 2009, wrote:

“The extent to which America has ‘lost’ Lebanon to Iran will likely be clarified in the near term, as the ripple from Bush’s legacy , the seismic effects of Israel’s recent slaughter in Gaza, and the results of coming Lebanese and Iranian elections impact the region.

Lebanon’s regional challenge is to work with the growing regional power which is not Egypt, Israel or Saudi Arabia, but rather Iran. The 9000 year old civilization (Persia), converted to Shia Islam by Lebanese scholars in 1501 – is likely to be strategically allied with Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, and Russia with the Camp David signers competing, despite Hosni Mubarak’s vow to the contrary, for ‘runner-up’ status.

Lebanon is contracting its relationship with the United States after years of US pressured and purchased collaboration with Israel. The Lebanese appear to be realizing, following the destruction of July 2006, Israel’s fifth war against Lebanon, and December 2008 slaughter of in Gaza, Israel’s eleventh attack against Palestine that the Zionist state only want land, and not peace and that given Israel’s occupation of Washington DC, Lebanon’s future should be one of resistance and not obeisance. In short, many in Lebanon are seeking a reliable ally not a continuation of US pressured collaboration with Israel…..”

I would like to end my post on humorous note. Israeli Jews who pride their capital Tel Aviv as the Pink (Gay) City – have begun to sense that world opinion has started turning against them after watching their 60-year of fascism. Now Israel is seeking the help of various Jewish-controlled Gay Rights organizations to run anti-Iran campaign. According to Israel daily Haaretz, April 20, 2009: “Israel is stepping up its public relation efforts to discredit Iran within the international community, and part of its new campaign focuses on Tehran’s abuse of human rights (forget what Amnesty International says about Israel’s abuse of human rights)….including gays and lesbians…. The Foreign Ministry’s campaign plans to recruit international gay community…..”

From pimping Jewish girls to exploiting gays – what they will think of next!!


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