Iraqi babies for sale

Not just for adoption – but to be used for sex-slavery or organ transplant in various foreign countries. The Guardian on March 6, 2009 quoted a senior police officer saying that 15 Iraqi children are sold every month – for a price ranging from 200 to 4,000 pound sterlings. These children are sold in Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Switzerland, Ireland, Britain, and Sweden.

The child trafficking from starving Iraqi population is much cheaper than some European countries, such as, Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Moldova, and some other East European countries. On March 23, 2005 – CBS News reported that between 3,000 to 5,000 women are smuggled through Egyptian border into Israel and sold to Jewish pimps for as much as US$15,000. However, the Guardian prefered not to mention the US (home to over one million women prostitutes) and Israel – which are on top of world’s  list of stealing human organs and women and children sexual abuse which include even their top government officials

Since the first American invasion of Iraq in 1991 – the Iraqi people have been target of barbaric western sanctions for Saddam Husein’s indirect support of Palestinian resistance against Zionazi occupation. During the 1990s and till American occupation of Iraq in 2003 – close to two million Iraqi men, women and mostly children died. Iraqis who had the highest standard of living among the Arab countries before 8-year Iran-Iraq war – have been reduced to beggars during the last six year of American occupation – so much so that the country has been turned into another Vietnam – a heaven for the local and foreign pimps and drug-pushers.

On March 7, 2009 – the Jewish-owned Time Com painted a very grim picture of human trafficking in occupied Iraq. However, instead, of blaming USrael for this tragedy – it blamed the US puppet government.

Some independent Human Right activists believe that over 10,000 young Iraqi women have been sold into sex slavery since the fall of Saddam Husein.

The eight top countries where human organs are harvested – are Moldova, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Mozambique, and Kosova.

Here are some of the facts which the so-called “the civilized West” would not like you to know:

1. The US is the No.1 destination of the trafficked victims.

2. A child go missing every 40 seconds in the US.

3. Atlanta, Georgia is the hot bed of sex tourim in the US.

4. Las Vegas is the epicenter of North American prostitution and sex trafficking.

5. More than 50% of online images of child abuse reported to an internet watchdog can be traced to the USA ( good source of income for Jewish Lobby groups.

6. One in seven teenagers in the US run away from home.

According to ‘US Trafficking in Person Report’ – Human trafficking is a US$9.5 billion annual business. Each year one million new victims are added to human trafficking; 80% of human trafficking victims happen to be women, and 50% in sex-slavery are children.


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