Iranian Madam Vice-Presidents

Dr. Fatemeh Vaez Javadi (formerly a professor at University of Shiraz) is the second female vice-president of Islamic Republic since Islamic Revolution (1979) in Dr. Ahmadinejad’s out-going administration. She is also the head of Islamic Iran’s Environment Protection Organization. The first lady to become Iran’s vice-president was Dr. Massoumeh Ebtekar (formerly a professor at Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran) in the former president Ayatullah Mohammad Khatami (1997-2005). Unlike the cabinet minister – the vice-president doesn’t need Majlis (Parliament) approval.

Nasrin Soltankhan is the woman cabinet minister in Ahmadinejad’s administration – while Zahra Shojaei was a cabinet miniter in Khatami’s administration.

This is a kind of slap on the western face, which has always blamed the Islamic regime in Tehran when it comes to women Human Rights. Out of 30 year – Islamic regime has two female vice-presidents for 12 years – while the US has none in its 300 year history. Same goes for France, Italy, Australia and Russia.

Dr. Massoumeh Ebtekar was born in 1960 in Tehran. She is currently a city councillor in Tehran. Ed Moltzen, recalling his 1984 interview with one of the 52 hostages, Kevin Hermening for the ‘Command Post’ – made an entry on his blog ‘Late Final’ under the title “444 Days”: “Consider ‘Tehran Mary’, one of the Iranian students who seized the embassy (US), grabbed the hostages, and acted at the behest of the Ayatollah (Imam Khomeoni). Her real name is Massoumeh Ebtekar and today she is a vice-president of Iran”.

A group of Iranian students, allegedly lead by Abbas Abdi (now in the Reformist group), tookover the US Embassy on November 4, 1979 – as a pre-emptive measure to stop CIA-Mossad spies web inside the embassy – in an attempt to stop these anti-Islamic Revolution criminals to sabotage the Revolution and reinstall the deposed King Reza Pahlvi  – as they did in the past. However, after Khatami’s election as president – Washington saw more pro-US overtures from Tehran.

Dr. Massoumeh Ebtekar have her own blog, named Persian Paradox.

In 1997, Zafar Bangash, editor Crescent International, published from Toronto (Canada) met Dr. Massoumeh Ebtekar and quoted her saying:

Women representation is lower in certain government departments, this is certainly not the case in the health ministry where women occupy several positions as director generals…….I am not entirely content with the present state of affair. Women are not sufficiently represented at the decision-making level in the government. I am also not satisfied with the standard of textbboks in manner in which they depict boys and girls……”

Iran’s Rehbar, Ayatullah Khamenei is quoted as saying: “Men and women are like two eyes on the human face. There is absolutely no room for one to oppress the other. Whosoever, make obstacles for women in education and political or economic activity in the name of religion – is actually going against the Word of Allah.”


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