Zionist Agenda: From Kabul to Islamabad

“US defeat in Afghanistan, however, poses an existential threat to Pakistan. It is being turned into another Cambodia with a grim twist. During the Vietnam War, the Americans bombed their way out by killing two million Cambodians. The process of Pakistan’s destablization is in full swing with Pakistani rulers and generals acting as willing accomplices in this criminal enterprise for a fistful of dollars,” – Zafar Bangash, a Canadian writer’s opinion published in Crescent International.

“President Musharraf is surrounded heavily by the elements who would be a security risk in the real sense of the word. Raiz Mohmmad Khan Foreign Secretary’s American wife is reportedly working in the US State Department. Tariq Aziz, president Musharraf’s National Security Advisor, is a known Qadyani and American wife holder Javeed Akhtar, the press minister of Shaukat Aziz, are on the top of the list. Ahmad Kamal, former Pakistan’s UN ambassador has been promoting Israeli agenda with the help of another New York-based Qadyani Mansoor Ejaz, whose grandfather was among first 313 followers of Mirza Qadyani,” – Dr. Shahid Quresh, UK, in News From Bangladesh, September 08, 2005.

“It is essential that we strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism by all disguised and secret plans,” – David Ben Gurion, first prime minister of the Zionist entity.

After eight year of occupation – both the Pentagon and US State Department gurus have come to the conclusion that Washington cannot achieve a military victory in Afghanistan. Rabbi Caspers Funnye brother-in-law, Barack Obama, while talking tough on Afghanistan – his Jewish administration is privately trying to cut a deal with the pro-west Taliban leaders, like former ministers Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani to head a new government in Kabul – expecting that they maybe able to look after Zionists’ interests (oil/gas pipeline from Caspian Sea to Gwadar port in Balochistan); an anti-Iran government in Kabul, and exploitation of Afghanistan’s untaped natural resources. Even the Zionist Jewish Foreign Minister of France, Bernard Kouchner, in an interview with Le Figaro (March 9, 2009) – advised Obama administration to accept a pro-Taliban government if that’s what the majority of Afghans want.

The America’s four allies – Britain, Canada, Netherlands, and Turkey – whose soldiers are dying for Zionist agenda in that part of the Muslim world, want to get out of Afghanistan before the end of 2011. Britain’s Zionist foreign secretary, David Miliband, has advised Washington to drop the term “War on Terror”, which he believe is deceptive and misleading.

On April 3, the pro-Israel Senator Christopher Bond (R-MO), said on New Mexico-Talk Radio New Service: “We will not have success in eliminating extremist elements in Afghanistan if we cannot confront them in western Pakistan. To do this we must fully engage Pakistan…….NATO must boost its activities in that region……The security (of USrael interests) will only be achieved if Pakistan and Afghan forces control those areas instead of the terrorists….”

Ann Coulter in her interview with Victoria Jones at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, said: “Presiden Obama seems to be following Bush’s policy on terrorism (war on Islam).”

Lt. Col. William Astore (USAF) in his recent article wrote: “Yes, there is something distasteful about a media that belithely refer to Bush’s or Obama’s war as hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghan suffers. For American troops, after all, are not the only one paying the ultimate price when the US fights foreign wars for ill-considered reasons and mis-guided goals.”

Since Obama took over office, the US military strikes inside Pakistani territory have increased significantly. The pro-US Pakistan government lead by president Asif Zardari, a man with a criminal record that will make most Pakistani politicians blush – may well be assisting Washington to dismember the only Muslim country with nuclear arsenal – for the pleasure of Muslim-hating Zionist Jews and Hindu extremists polical parties in India.

These strikes, instead of destroying the so-called “web of terrorism” – has increased public including junior military officers’ hatred toward the US and Zardari government. Most of these “terrorists” in FATA area were trained by CIA, ISI, and Saudi ‘royals’ in the 1989. No doubt, there are many Pukhtoons in Pakistan, who like to see Taliban return to power in Afghanistan – but the main factor behind the horrible situation in that country is 7-year-old western occupation and its corrupt puppet regime of Hamid Karzai. Considering the common ethnic and religious connection between Pakhtoons living in Afghanistan and Pakistan – the Taliban resistance against US occupation has serious repercussions for Islamabad. As such the chaos in Afghanistan is distablizing Pakistan.

 The Jewish Lobby has succeeded in tilting Washington’s foreign policy toward Pakistan’s regional enemy, India, a former USSR ally – thanks to several Mossad-RAW terrorist attacks in both India and Pakistan. Instead of taking some genuine initiative to resolve the oldest territorial problem (Kashmir) between the two neighbours – the US recently cut a nuclear deal with India while refusing to help its sixty-year-old ally, Pakistan. This new deal is used as a bribe for India to backdown from IPI pipeline deal with Pakistan to obtain oil from Islamic Iran – which was considered a great regional cooperation in the energy sector between the three neighbouring countries. Such American actions are enough proof for the patriotic Pakistanis to believe that the US-Israel-India has become the ‘Axis of Evil’ for the Muslim world.

The Zionist regime and its midwife, the US, have come to the conclusion that the events of the last two decades – the Zionist experiment in the Middle East is living on borrowed time. The reconstruction of an Islamic anti-Zionist bloc is just begining to surface – and this haunt the Zionist thugs both in Tel Aviv and Washington.


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