Mosque with a ‘woman touch’

Western Islamophobes have been propagating women inferior role in Islamic faith for centuries to the extent of being funny. They have been living been in self-denial that the religions which persecute women the most are Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism. Holy Qur’an has honoured women more than any other religion and even more than men in itself. Islam allows women to participate in every worldly activity – as long as their physical appearance don’t become a source of sexual intimidation.

Muslim history is full of women rulers, scholars, military leaders, politicians, government leaders, scientists, feminists, academics, etc. Lately, Muslim women have ventured into another unexpected feild – designing mosques. Zeynep Fadillioglu, designed the Sakirin Mosque (named after Semiha Sakir), in Istanbul (Turkey). The mosque is built by a wealthy Arab-Turkish family living in UK.

Istanbul got its first mosque with a woman touch in 1547 CE – in the shape of Mihrimah Sultan Mosque – built in honour of daughter of Ottoman Sultan Suleyman.

The designer of Toronto’s first mosque, Jaffari Islamic Centre (originally named “Muhammadi House”), was also a woman – but with a great difference. She was a Jewish woman designer from former Yugoslavia. The mosque was opened for prayers in 1979 – after years of resistance from North York’s Jewish Mayor Mel Lastman (he later served as Mayor of Toronto) after being out-smarted by a fellow Jew, Metro Toronto Chairman Paul Godfrey (1073-84) – by letting Mel issue permits for the construction of a Synagogue and a Church in the same area. Now Jaffri Mosque is located in the middle of those two buildings.

In 1995, Zoja Finci, a Jewish art expert, went to Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic, and demanded that his government should take some action to stop Saudis destroying the old artitecture of Sarajevo’s Begova Mosque, which was severely damaged by Serb shelling during 1992-95 war. She was told: “They have the money and they’re going to do what they want”.

Zuelfiye Kaykin, A German Muslimah born to Turkish parents was not that lucky. As head of Turkish community in Duisburg (Germany), she had to face a powerful anti-Islam reaction to her plan to build a mosque in the city near the Dutch border. The loudest whinings came not other than the noted Jewish German writer, Ralph Giordano, who wrote in 2007 – “It’s not the sign of the will to integrate but a wrong signal. It’s a conquest on foreign territory; it’s a declaration of war…..Apart from individual exceptions, integration is not possible. This is because here we have a clash of two cultures. Islam is simply not compatible with our Judeo-Christian history”. I guess the Zionist bigot wanted the Europeans to believe that there existed no Synagouges in Germany and that Jewish communities were not expelled during his so-called “Judeo-Christian history”.


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